Sunday, July 15, 2007

Some Reletively Unsubstantiated Thoughts...

1. bin Laden is dead or weak.
2. The tide has turned against al-Qaeda.
3. al-Qaeda's strategic actions seem to take place in Iran and Pakistan.

I have a feeling inside, can't explain...
I have a feeling inside, I can't explain...

But, I can state a few things:
1. We don't want to get beat by Islamists ANYWHERE
2. This conflict is not over when al-Qaeda is wiped out; it is a wider conflict.
3. Iran and Islamist elements of Pakistan will not enjoy Sunni Islamists inside their borders

and, lest we forget some earlier commentary...

We will not definitively know when we have won the conflict...

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

This 4th of July

Re(1): ‘Harry Jaffe’, The Hugh Hewitt Show
RE(2): 'The Dennis Prager Show', Dennis Pragwer

Listening to Harry Joffrey and Dennis Prager this July 4th - while debating yet another Conflicted Leftist on ‘Back Talk’ - moved one synapse in my vague and beer addled mind to connect with another…

What do I love and respect about my country – the good old United States of America!!!

I love my nation because we:

  • accept imperfection,

  • know we are imperfect,

  • can act on our imperfections,

  • and have the freedom to strive for perfection.

Where else in this fine and diverse abode on which we all live is this true. We accept our imperfections, but have confidence we can challenge and overcome them. Slavery is a perfect example. For the greater good, slavery was actually written into existence - written into the Constitution. But, that Constitution can be, must be, and will be changed. Over 600,000 fellow Americans died to change that central mores – but, we did the right thing.

Additionally, and here I might be on thin beer bleary thin ice, where else on this marble of ours does a nation celebrate its birth as being the date of legal separation. Not a battle won or a war started. But, instead, when a document that defines a belief and presents a grievance is presented to the general populace. Who really remembers the first or last battle in the Revolution?

We remember a perfection written by the naturally imperfect.

The most perfect understanding of humanity yet.

May we always move forward.

God Bless America

Monday, July 02, 2007

Larry's Other Brother Larry - CIA Expert

Re(1): 'Larry Johnson: So wrong so often that he’s actually becoming a nearly-pitch perfect predictor of what’s right', Protein Wisdom, Jeff Goldstein

MessNBC's Terrorism Expert, Larry Johnson...

The best 'byline description' of CIA Master Spy Larry Johnson yet!!!
Once again, Johnson’s wannabe-hipster pessimism — which is temperamentally tied to the grand conspiracy scenarios he and his acolytes like Olbermann cling to like Lindsay Graham might a victory sombrero — has led him to look like an utter “denialist” (hi, Commissar!), one who, if his track record is any indication, wouldn’t be able to spot imminent Islamic terrorism were it wearing a “Hi, I’m a Jihadist” name tag and galloping towards him on a camel wrapped in explosives and sporting a riding blanket made entirely from roofing nails and the severed heads of western journalists.

A target of scorn and humor...

That has to hurt...