Saturday, January 01, 2011

Hope, Change - Bring Out the Pretorian Guard!!!

Re(1): 'The Crusade of Innocents', The Belmont Club, Richard Fernandez (Wretchard)
Re(2): 'Anarchy is Back', Instapundit, Glenn Reynolds

So, the Left is dissatisfied...
And, their messaging dupes are hollering...

The Left places their hope for change in a man and the state. Inevitably, they fail to produce. Then either/both the man and the state are castigated. So much hope for so much change - and what is done never works. Thus, since what was wanted obviously works, the fault must lie with the man. Out with the old man, time for a new man. But, never a time for new ideas.

Bring out the Red Guard.
But, the Old Man suppresses the Red Guard.
In the end, all one can say with any accuracy is ‘Oh, well’.