Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Brave Mam Clinton

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Only a Lib would brag about being part of President Clinton's crack Foreign Policy Squad...

I think al-Qaeda operatives saw Mrs. Clinton snorkeling around the docks of Aden harbor after the Cole bombing. Bin Laden and his brave Minutemen ran for the hills.

She was on-site immediately following the Khobar Towers bombing. She single handedly captured an al-Qaeda financier. Guns blazing, Brave Mam Clinton gave fair warning, requested the door be opened, and read the Minuteman his rights. That criminal got off on a technicality by some kinda troglodyte man.

And, she defied the ‘wag the dog’ commentary and personally guided a Tomahawk missile to an Iraqi WMD factory – or maybe an aspirin factory – but, it is the thought that counts. Rode that missile like the brave pilot in ‘Doctor Strangelove’. Gods, she was beautiful.

Finally, in yet another example of leadership in a time of crisis Hillary Clinton braved smoke and mirrors saving victims from the 1st World Trade Center bombing. As a result, there were only six fatalities.

Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

An Easter Look at Killing...

Re(1): As US Deaths In Iraq Approach 4,000 Over 5 Years, Some Perspective, The Strata-Sphere, AJ Strata
Re(2): 'What is the real death toll in Iraq?', The Guardian, Jonothan Steele and Suzanne Goldenberg

Let us look at some nasty statistics this Easter. Let us see if the SurrenderMedia can find a nugget of crap to chew upon:

A review of recent statistics demonstrates (Using the ICC stats, assuming a 6 month average of 552 wartime fatalities per month which seems to be the current level):

Iraq Civilian Casualties as a result of the war:
24.1/100,000The pre-surge rate was: 74.7/100,000

United States
Murders and Suicides: 16.3/100,000
Murders only: 5.6/100,000

So, Iraq is not the United States. It is not England. It is not Japan. Iraqi’s are not as worried about single payer healthcare or whatever as we are. However, the situation has dramatically improved and that improvement is accelerating.

From 'What is the real death toll in Iraq?’
Maximum Accepted Saddam-Era state sponsored mortality
1 million killings over 35 years, rate: 105.45/100,000

Accepted count of 380,000 Saddam state sponsored killings over those 35 years - not including Iran/Iraq war: 41.1/100,000.

Thus, Saddam killed about 11,300 per year every year. And these were state murders – not illnesses, accidents, old age, etc. And, should we not include Saddam’s unjust wars? And, the ratio seemed to accelerate through the years!!!

Surge era killings by ‘militants’ and coalition troops will result in about 6,600 per year at the current ratio. And, this ratio has a solid chance to decline as al-Qaeda weakens. Thus, the norm in Iraq under Saddam was almost double that of the current ICC stats and the differential will likely widen.

Anyone want to claim that Saddam and his lovely children and sycophants would have worked hard on behalf of the Iraqi people to reduce the state sponsored murder rate?

Or, would that pathetic genocidal murderer simply assume he had a god given mandate to murder citizens since they voted for him at a 95+% rate?