Saturday, October 13, 2012

Not Quite There, He Couldn't Double Up on The Chimp :-{

President Obama a surplus - how disappointing!!!

President BushPresident Obama
2001/02/01 - 2001/09/30$ -53,1292009/02/01 - 2009/09/30$ 1,019,780
2002/09/30$ 158,5202010/09/30$ 1,294,204
2003/09/30$ 374,2192011/09/30$ 1,298,614
2004/09/30$ 412,5532012/09/30$ 1,089,353
2005/09/30$ 318,6152013/09/30
2006/09/30$ 247,6982014/09/30
2007/09/30$ 162,8332015/09/30
2008/09/30$ 454,8062016/09/30
2008/10/01 - 2009/02/01$ 395,9432016/10/01 - 2017/02/01
Totals:$ 2,472,058Totals:$ 4,701,951

This leaves President Obama only $2.2 Trillion or so ahead of Bush's former deficit record.  All he needed was $0.3 Trillion to double BusHitler.  Another war or peacekeeping mission would have done it.  Well, it should still be possible for President Obama to double Chimpy Bush during his term - whether reelected or not.  He has at least four months to accomplish that lofty goal.  There is still hope!!!

Anyway, here is the chart of President Obama's singular accomplishment:

Now, you may wonder why I present deficits in Green.  Easy.  That seems to be the money maker for President Obama.  

As an eye test, can anyone see the affect of taxing the 1% at President Obama's proposed rate.  It's hard, but if you squint real hard you can see it.  Especially in the revenue since last years revenue basically falls on a grid line.  Squint and feel the power of that very necessary tax increase.  But, keep your eyes off the silly little red lines.  Don't look there.

Last comment, I'm certainly happy President Obama has yet to present and pass a budget.  That restrained him to spending at his FY2009 level.  Bubba, if you don't pass a budget you must use Continuing Resolutions.  Those limit your grandest to the prior spending levels - adjusted to inflation at the most.  Lucky for President Obama that he got a cool Trillion in stimulus and bloat incorporated into FY2009 spending.  Yea!!!