Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Episode 3

The Sith Lord has yet to come forth, but
Anakin is amongst the children!!!

John Roberts seems uniquely qualified to persuade and guide the Supreme Court into an originalist bent. He has swayed these Justices toward his client’s legal vision in twenty-four of his thirty nine Supreme Court appearances. He is not a direct confrontationist, but instead a man who will read and apply constitutional law – very persuasively.

Friday, July 15, 2005

Plame, Plame, the Plame is here!!!

Is the source a:

High Level Administration source:
We should be looking for someone who left the Administration after the Novak article, and who was not expected to be the source, and who is keeping a low profile - neither pro nor anti Bush. Now, who left the administration quietly and seems to be keeping a low profile. Who seems to be the king in-fighter of the first Bush Administration. Who would the press care for in the first Bush Administration - yes the answer is: Colin Powell...

Another Journalist from the MediaDemocrat Party:
Oooooohhhhhh, Ahhhhhhh... How embarrassing for the MediaDemocrats... Could the unimpeachable source for Novaks column (and Cooper’s for that matter) be a highly rated journalist by the name of --- yes, Judith Miller…

Could our intrepid journalist have received bad intel from the in-fighter extraordinaire? Could she have passed this world shaking scoop on - as though from a super, double secret, Administration source? Just too good to fact check!!! And, then in an ‘Oh my God’ moment, did our professional journalist get cold feet regarding the veracity of the juicy information? Maybe the evil architect gave her some good info???

Miller is sitting in the slam for Powell and to avoid testifying that she, a journalist, was the deep throat for Novak and Cooper.

It would be very embarrassing for the MediaDemocrat Party to out the fact that their unimpeachable sources are themselves – the shills…

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Democrats Watch Out!!! Moonbats Jumping!!!

Memo to centrist Democrats. The moonbats running your political party have routinely been wrong, stupid, silly, and easily maneuvered by the Bush Administration. Guess what, moonbats are moonbats. Don’t listen to them.

The moonbats are ranting on the basis of leaked from the grand jury information

Karl Rove knows what he said to the reporters and the grand jury.

Karl Rove doesn’t appear overly worried.

The Media isn’t too convincing.

Moonbats, jump!!! The country will be better for it.

Center Left Democrats, understand that you are dealing with partial information. Let things iron out. The right will demand Rove’s resignation if he acted improperly. Don’t follow the moonbats off the cliff – you don’t have wings (and neither do they).

Sunday, July 10, 2005

A Moral Boost for al Qaeda...

Re(1): 'A Tactical Success, but a Strategic Failure',, Jack Kelly

Jack Kelly's interpretation - and I think right on target:
I suspect the attack was made more to boost morale among the faithful than to intimidate the West. With the conspicuous exception of Madrid, since 9/11 al-Qaida has been getting its brains beaten out. Showing those of waning enthusiasm that it is still strong enough to strike in the citadels of the infidel likely is worth more to al-Qaida's leaders than the negative consequences a stiffening of Western spines might bring.

However, I think that al Qaeda just made a mistake of 9/11 proportions. Especially when one includes the detinations of ordinance that took place yesterday. What do they think the Brittish military in Iraq and Afghanistan are thinking about? How bout those multicultural Londoners? Hhhhhmmmmm....
I'm up,
They see me,
I'm down

I wouldn't be popping up anytime soon...

Watch England...

Re(1): 'Pluck vs Defeatism After the Bombs', WeeklyStandard, Christopher Hitchens
Re(2): RealClearPolitics - Because I really do not know how to credit them enough

If he were American, we would call him a 9/11 Democrat, but he is English. I simply have no clue, but I know he is a street fighter:
In 2001 there was an enemy to hit back at, and some business to conclude with the Taliban. Since then, there has been unfinished business with Saddam Hussein and his notorious fedayeen. But from now on, we must increasingly confront the fact that the war within Islam is also a war within Europe. It's highly probable that the assassins of 7 July are British born, as were several Taliban fighters in the first round in Afghanistan. And the mirror image also exists. Many Muslims take the side of civilization and many European fascists and Communists are sympathetic to jihad.

These are not the bright, clear lines that many people fondly imagine to be heritable from a heroic past. But the nature of the enemy is somewhat similar. Like the fascists that they are, the murderers boast that they love death more than we love life. They imagine that this yell of unreason is intimidating and impressive. We shall undoubtedly go forward and put these grave matters to the proof but, meanwhile:

Death to them and Long Live London!

My guess is that the political system in England is going to get a bit riled up. No tellin...

UPDATE: Sorry about the ugly highlighting. Hitchens' use of language is stunning. Can't do much about it... So rubish on you all...

The Hotbed of the Free Press...


With the 'outing' of Richard Fernandez as Wretchard of the Belmont Club we have:
The Belmont Club
Chrenkoff and
Tim Blair

hailing from the Land Down Under...

That is freedom of the press

Even a grasping American Congress or El Presidente cannot shut them down - as we have seen with the CaptainQartersBlog posts on Canadian scandals (uh, I mean politics).

Plame - Out the Source

Re(1): 'Thin Reed on Rove', CaptainsQuarters, Ed

I dissagree with Ed from CaptainsQuartersBlog regarding letting Miller out of the slam. Here is my post:

Plame worked full time in Washington D.C.

She was not a 007 in Iran.

I want the media to be shoved hard toward responsible journalism. The use of anonymous sources is reprehensible. I am tired of breathless leaks from slugs in parking garages. Back in the Watergate era, the use of anonymous sourcing was minimal and measured. Now, every article from the NYT contains sources from the deep. They are abusing a privilege the citizens of America awarded them – not one the Constitution provides them. They are abusing the privilege to abuse the Administration – not to out massive abuses of state power.

I want to KNOW what the media ACCEPT as expert sources…

The Watergate source was an EXPERT. He was a good source. Nowadays, too many ‘sources’ are simply made up. Too many sources are misquoted. Too many sources are not knowledgeable on the information in the context of what is going on. And, too many journalists are completely ignorant, and completely biased, and completely gotcha oriented, to permit me faith in their use of an ‘anonymous administration source’.

Journalist – get back to basics and give us a reason to trust you. I know it will be hard work (yuk, yuk) but you can do it. In the beginning people like Bill Gertz and Ronan Scarbourogh (spelling, uh) will be trusted. But then one of you will generate a long and successful resume and you will be included. Then you can use unnamed sources.

Miller – you are NOT one of the elite that we trust.

Wretchard: Outed...

Re(1): 'The Belmont Club', The Belmont Club, Richard Fernandez (Wretchard)

Not a lot of info.

The one piece of importance is:
People who knew me in the past, as well as my colleagues at
Pajamas Media
, know perfectly well "who" I am, although I think
that information is totally irrelevant.

Um, colleagues...

Very Good...

Like to hear it...

Some real good colleagues at Pajamas Media...

Richard, enjoy yourself, and don't make too much of a job of it...

P.S. I hope I did not play any role with my stupid post and the discussion that followed:

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Reactivate these Daily KOS accounts

Re(1): 'The Great Daily KOS Purge', LittleGreenFootballs, Charles

Screw Em, reactivate your kore kommittee accounts now:

Please enter your account id and real name in the comments section...
  1. TheVoiceOfLeftistReason (Jerry Springer)
  2. BrilliantMindsThinkAlike (Barbara Boxer)
  3. YouAmericansAreNazis (Dick Durbin)
  4. ILoveAmericaButNotCapitalismOrDemocracy (Noam Chomsky)
  5. ILoveTheTroopsWhenTheyComeHome (John Kerry)
Did you accidentally delete your:AdministratorOfTinFoilHatBrigade account you idiot. Sometimes this KOS (cause) costs too much. Oh you moonbats are so...

Friday, July 08, 2005

Islamic Reformation - Faster Please...

Re(1): July 8, 2005 1346, Instapundit, Glenn Reynolds
Re(2): 'The Three Conjectures', The Belmont Club, TC Wretchard
Re(3): 'The Pentagons New Map', Thomas Barnet

Mr. Reynolds' great post contains the wry comment:

Meanwhile, Dick Aubrey writes about Friedman: "He's late to the party. We will win the WOT. The question is...will we respect ourselves in the morning?" So far we're waging the kindest, gentlest war in history. That could change, of course.
This is a question I have been discussing in detail for a number of years. Wretchard posits much the same in his post 'The Three Conjectures' from a sharply different angle.

Basically it comes to this. Bush's leadership is offering a solution short of Total War. That solution is dependent on three things: 1) The Islamic civilization reforming itself to fit in the 20th century (yes, I know it's the 21st century), 2) Patience while the transition is ongoing, and 3) A strength of will capable of deterring terrorist states.

Obviously, the caterwauling Left has reduced the odds of dealing with the Islamofascist movement through something short of total war.

As Mr. Auby, Reynolds, and Wretchard make plain: We will win the War on Terror. As Reynolds and Wretchard postulate, the victory may prove Pyrrhic. History may not judge us well. If the Global War on Terror degrades to Total War, I would like to be the first to thank the ignorant and anti-American Left. One time, not so long ago, one of yours waived a document in the air. The Munich accord resulted in tens of millions of deaths.

Liberal Canard #2: Iraq replaces Afghanistan as a Terrorist Training Camp

I got through to the Hugh Hewitt show this evening (5:07pm) right after the Tom Oliphant interview. I really wanted to ask Mr. Oliphant to define the similarity between the Afghanistan training camps of the 1990s and those of post invasion Iraqi. Ignorant Leftys constantly promote this canard. Here are the differences as I see them:

The Afghani training camps of the 1990s were conceived, built, funded, and activated with government support (Taliban). It was during this period that al Qaeda birthed and grew into manhood as a ‘fighting’ force. The Taliban government fully supported their efforts. We watched from afar with our eyes focused on the stock market.

The Iraqi ‘training’ camp is a live fire zone. American forces are not helping improve the terrorist training curriculum. But, more important, the sovereign state of Iraq is actively recruiting, training, and equipping hundreds of thousands of military and police personnel in the effort to hunt and eradicate the terrorists. I am thinking that Iraq is recruiting more soldiers and police than al Qaeda is. My guess is that the training provided to the Iraqi forces is better than that provided by al-Zarqawi.

Libs, while we slumbered one country actively supported al Qaeda (and probably other charming groups as well – that is why it is called the GWOT). While fully alert, two nations are actively killing terrorists.

I think that is a huge strategic victory…

Liberal Canard #1: Bush’s Hooverville economy…

Re(1): ‘Job Market Update’, PoliPundit, Jayson

The economy is in ruins and things are getting worse:


The Budget Deficit is coming in $100 Billion under forecast
Tax Revenue is coming in 15% over expectations
Spending growth has been cut by half
and we have 5.0% Unemployment

Libs, I am starting to think I would like to have this yoke around my neck if I were to run for elective office. Look on the bright side - you actually convinced almost half of America that we were in the Great Depression. Your personality review seems to lead toward a career as a flaky used car salesman, a telephone solicitor, or a corrupt politician. Such opportunity.

Lefties, please do not read the smarmly link!!!

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Something stinks in the Err, America

No references.

Just listen to Err America

They are showing their spots...

American or anti-American, that is the question. If you listen you will get the answer.

For example:
The rodent who subbing for the Randi Rhodent brilliantly relayed the 'fact' that Iraq is 'Terrorisms Breeding Ground". Iraq took the place of Afghanistan, and is now the place jihadists seek for on-the-job training. Bsicially, Iraq in 2005 is the Afghanistan of 2000.

Hey stupid, listen up.:
In 2000 there was nobody shooting at the terrorist in their bucolic training grounds. And the government fed, clothed, and paid these turds. My cursory review of the web demonstrates that Iraq is a bit different.

Monday, July 04, 2005

Is the Culture war part of the GWOT

Remember, there are many theaters of action in the GWOT.

The terrorists have either made, or were coerced into making, Iraq the key front on the GWOT.

For some reason the hard core left continuously attempts to make the domestic front preeminent. They feel that the efforts in the Middle East are diversionary and duplicitous. I cannot understand why they go to the mat to support a socialist agenda in a capitalist society during a shooting war.

Losing the ‘culture war’ at this point, under these circumstances, is a finality. And they will lose…

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Clarity :-{

Re(1): 'The Left Revealed', FrontPage Magazine, Discussion between Horowitz and Lazare
Re(2): 'We Lost Vietnam; We can Lose this one too!', BoghieOnYourSix

Actually, you cannot win.

Clarification is the best you can hope for...

Each member of the Left is an individual. But each incorporates all of the following traits into their belief structure:
  1. Racism
  2. Ignorance
  3. Anti-Americanism
Please Read this...

This is not a censured wingnut of the Left. This is the Left...

Uummm, like the idea - but will Senator Kennedy Aprove???

Re(1): 'Lab Defense: Pain Ray',

I like the non-lethal technology.

But when will these eggheads realize that Senator Kennedy will be peering over his red, bloated, nose with his bloodshot eyes when one talks to gleefully about:

The sensation caused by the system has been described by test subjects as feeling like touching a hot frying pan.

Raython has built a Humvee-mounted model, which is currently being tested before a likely trip to Iraq.

Uuummm, can anybody say torture



I mean, the highly estemed Senator Durbin was complaining about GTMO - maybe the chow.

Actually, after that past few months, who cares what they say - even when they are right. Too much chaff. Ignore it all. Hitler lives and he will be nominated to the Supreme Court. Blah, blah, blah...

Bring the Job Corps Home...

Re(1): 'We Lost In Vietnam, We Can Lose this one too!', BoghieOnYourSix, Boghie

The GWOT is being, and has been, fought on many battlefields. For those who believe that we are fighting an actual war - with deadly enemies – the war is to be fought in various regions of Afghanistan and Iraq and Saudi Arabia and Jordan and Pakistan and the Philippines and Indonesia and Thailand….

I think we have found the Left's battlefield of choice.

It has, and always will be, the culture war – and the remaining theater of operation is the Judiciary. They have lost all the other battles.

It is kindof sad that the far Left finds our efforts in the fighting war to be diversionary, indecisive, and duplicitous. That their support of our troops in foreign lands is limited to bringing the Job Corps (their vision of the Marine Corps, Army, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard) home to mommy before the mission is accomplished.

Personally, I would recommend that the Left allow us to win the GWOT, bring the troops home, wait out Bush’s term, and then fight to the death the culture war that they are losing.

Without all the carping and marching and ACLU maneuvers we may have already been victorious. Lefties, you have not saved a single soldier or terrorist victim’s life in the thirty years we have been at war – the war we have fought for only four years.