Sunday, July 10, 2005

Watch England...

Re(1): 'Pluck vs Defeatism After the Bombs', WeeklyStandard, Christopher Hitchens
Re(2): RealClearPolitics - Because I really do not know how to credit them enough

If he were American, we would call him a 9/11 Democrat, but he is English. I simply have no clue, but I know he is a street fighter:
In 2001 there was an enemy to hit back at, and some business to conclude with the Taliban. Since then, there has been unfinished business with Saddam Hussein and his notorious fedayeen. But from now on, we must increasingly confront the fact that the war within Islam is also a war within Europe. It's highly probable that the assassins of 7 July are British born, as were several Taliban fighters in the first round in Afghanistan. And the mirror image also exists. Many Muslims take the side of civilization and many European fascists and Communists are sympathetic to jihad.

These are not the bright, clear lines that many people fondly imagine to be heritable from a heroic past. But the nature of the enemy is somewhat similar. Like the fascists that they are, the murderers boast that they love death more than we love life. They imagine that this yell of unreason is intimidating and impressive. We shall undoubtedly go forward and put these grave matters to the proof but, meanwhile:

Death to them and Long Live London!

My guess is that the political system in England is going to get a bit riled up. No tellin...

UPDATE: Sorry about the ugly highlighting. Hitchens' use of language is stunning. Can't do much about it... So rubish on you all...

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