Thursday, July 07, 2005

Something stinks in the Err, America

No references.

Just listen to Err America

They are showing their spots...

American or anti-American, that is the question. If you listen you will get the answer.

For example:
The rodent who subbing for the Randi Rhodent brilliantly relayed the 'fact' that Iraq is 'Terrorisms Breeding Ground". Iraq took the place of Afghanistan, and is now the place jihadists seek for on-the-job training. Bsicially, Iraq in 2005 is the Afghanistan of 2000.

Hey stupid, listen up.:
In 2000 there was nobody shooting at the terrorist in their bucolic training grounds. And the government fed, clothed, and paid these turds. My cursory review of the web demonstrates that Iraq is a bit different.

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