Friday, July 08, 2005

Liberal Canard #2: Iraq replaces Afghanistan as a Terrorist Training Camp

I got through to the Hugh Hewitt show this evening (5:07pm) right after the Tom Oliphant interview. I really wanted to ask Mr. Oliphant to define the similarity between the Afghanistan training camps of the 1990s and those of post invasion Iraqi. Ignorant Leftys constantly promote this canard. Here are the differences as I see them:

The Afghani training camps of the 1990s were conceived, built, funded, and activated with government support (Taliban). It was during this period that al Qaeda birthed and grew into manhood as a ‘fighting’ force. The Taliban government fully supported their efforts. We watched from afar with our eyes focused on the stock market.

The Iraqi ‘training’ camp is a live fire zone. American forces are not helping improve the terrorist training curriculum. But, more important, the sovereign state of Iraq is actively recruiting, training, and equipping hundreds of thousands of military and police personnel in the effort to hunt and eradicate the terrorists. I am thinking that Iraq is recruiting more soldiers and police than al Qaeda is. My guess is that the training provided to the Iraqi forces is better than that provided by al-Zarqawi.

Libs, while we slumbered one country actively supported al Qaeda (and probably other charming groups as well – that is why it is called the GWOT). While fully alert, two nations are actively killing terrorists.

I think that is a huge strategic victory…

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