Saturday, July 09, 2005

Reactivate these Daily KOS accounts

Re(1): 'The Great Daily KOS Purge', LittleGreenFootballs, Charles

Screw Em, reactivate your kore kommittee accounts now:

Please enter your account id and real name in the comments section...
  1. TheVoiceOfLeftistReason (Jerry Springer)
  2. BrilliantMindsThinkAlike (Barbara Boxer)
  3. YouAmericansAreNazis (Dick Durbin)
  4. ILoveAmericaButNotCapitalismOrDemocracy (Noam Chomsky)
  5. ILoveTheTroopsWhenTheyComeHome (John Kerry)
Did you accidentally delete your:AdministratorOfTinFoilHatBrigade account you idiot. Sometimes this KOS (cause) costs too much. Oh you moonbats are so...


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