Thursday, June 11, 2009

That Pesky Obama Deficit Chart Thany

Re(1) 'Let it come down', Obsidian Wings, Von
RE(3): Monthly Treasury Statement

To All,

The standard argument against:

is being fought again by libs in the comments section of Obsidian Wings. Von is 100% correct. The numbers from Bush's years are ACTUAL numbers and come from the 'Monthly Treasury Statement'. These numbers are actual expenditures - not budget projections. In fact BusHitlers budgeted deficits were generally FAR HIGHER than the actual deficts. Regardless, the Monthly Treasury Statement includes the annual war supplimental. That site is an exceptional resource. It is located at:
Use the September reports to get full Fiscal Year data.

And, yes, without the FY2007 war supplimental we were looking at a deficit of about $70 Billion. You can see the DOD splurge on receiving the supplimental.

And, the total cost of the war has been about $100 Billion/year. A cost President Obama has elected to continue.

And, Bush had a role in the FY2009 bloat. But had nothing to do with the 'Emergency Stimulus Bill ($860 Billion) nor any of the other 'emergency' spending that occured after January 19th (more auto and bank bailouts). He is responsible for TARP - which never was completely obligated (and will not be) and is now being paid back (at least in part). Will President Obama's 'Stimulus' be paid back. Nope. Splitting the blame will actually be fairly simple. Bush - TARP. Obama - Everything else. We will, however, have to wait till someone breaks it down. We have to wait to see if the banks are stupid enough to keep enslaving themselves via TARP bailout cash. I think it is clear they are staying far far away from the TARP Baby.

And, at what point in the Bush Presidency was there ANY talk of defaulting on Treasury debt or inflating our way out of paying it?

And, the evil BusHitler warned us in 2000 and 2004 that Social Security was heading into the red by 2008/09. And, yup, it shore is bubbas.