Saturday, May 16, 2015

Re(1): 'ISIS in Ramadi: Like the Tet 1968?' The Belmont Club, Richard Fernandez

This might be the most painful paragraph ever written about President Obama:
Obama’s remarks provide a look into his mind, into his categories of thinking and into the boundaries of his conception. And in a way, the glimpse is comforting. ISIS is going for the ideological headshot, for a way to break his will, but Obama is like some dinosaur from the age of degenerate socialism, with a mind full of mush. There’s no central nervous system to disrupt, no will to break that hasn’t been broken already. ISIS cannot shatter Obama’s strategic plan if there isn’t one. Trying to scare Obama is like trying to terrify a cabbage.
My one real question - and, the one that I have been dealing with for years - is this: Is our Black Swan President about to be exploited? And, what does that mean for my TSP account? I mean, it is tragic that the civilian kill count in Syria is well over 220,000 - well over that of the 'W' era Iraq body count. And, now you have to add the Obama Iraq body count to that number. And, the Libyan body count. And, the Yemeni body count. And, the Egyptian body count, And, the Somali body count. And the Ukrainian body count. And, ... Leading from the behind just helps in stacking the bodies, eh...

So, when will one of the displaced millions hit us. We have watched them die while basking in the light of a Nobel Peace Prize. The only way to scare a cabbage is to kick it. My guess is that a cabbage scorned is a cabbage enraged. And, enraged cabbages do not react in a measured manner. Will it be an enraged and offended cabbage that turns the region into glass? 

Hope not.