Thursday, November 23, 2006

Hard Numbers on Military Recruitment/Retention

Howdy Folks,

You want hard numbers to battle the Liberal Intelligencia regarding ground force recruitment/retention/capability...
A CBOStudy: Recruiting, Retention, and Future Levels of Military Personnel

Not all rosey - but initiated to resolve issues during the worst of months (June, July, August 2005).

It proves:
  1. The Army is having recruiting problems to a minor extent
  2. The Marine Corps is not having recruiting problems to any extent
  3. Retention in both the Army and Marine Corps is exceeding any goals
  4. There is no degredation in the quality of recruits entering military service

And, these numbers dramatically improved in FY2006.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

A 'Favorite Posts' Blogroll - without den Beste

Uuuuggggghhhhhhh, how can any serious blogger not link permanently to at least one of many seminal den Beste articles...

My first link shall be: Total War

How embarassing :-&

I guess I'm not quite the idiot I have convinced myself I am. How could I have forgotten about: 'Strategic Overview'. That is another exceptional article by den Beste that is permanently collated in the 'My Favorites' blogroll.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Hard Ball???

President Bush is going to make 'an 'significant statement' 20 minutes from now...

If it is to dump Rumsfeld than we are in for a lame duck Presidency and a weak stature in the GWOT...

If it is to dump Rumsfeld (or hopefully some other cabinet member) and replace him/her with Senator Joeseph Lieberman than we are playing to win...

If Lieberman accepts a cabinet position Republican Governor Jodi Rell will select the replacement Senator. A Republican will rebalance the Senate to 50(R) / 49(D) + 1(I). And Vice President Cheney will break ties - much like the first two years. Regardless, the media is placing Lieberman squarely in the Democratic Caucus - a change there may be a 'significant statement'.

If we play strong will the Democrats remember Jumpin' Jim?

Time shall tell...

Thursday, November 02, 2006

I Would Rather Be 'Stuck in Iraq' Than

Re(1): John Kerry's 'Education' Speach - uncut, from his site...

... be forced to listen to this kind of unprofessional and uniformed and unprepared presentation by war hero Senator John Forbes Kerry.

But for the switch of 70,000 votes in Ohio (imagine if the vote were held this year, eh) or a mere 4,000,000 votes nation wide we would have two more years of a President John Forbes Kerry.

Wow, could there have been any more miserable political rally than one featuring Senator John Forbes Kerry and Phil Angelides.

Can there...

I would rather spend the hour answering automated phone calls from political action groups.

Yup, that would be more entertaining.

Much more inspirational.

And more educational.