Thursday, November 23, 2006

Hard Numbers on Military Recruitment/Retention

Howdy Folks,

You want hard numbers to battle the Liberal Intelligencia regarding ground force recruitment/retention/capability...
A CBOStudy: Recruiting, Retention, and Future Levels of Military Personnel

Not all rosey - but initiated to resolve issues during the worst of months (June, July, August 2005).

It proves:
  1. The Army is having recruiting problems to a minor extent
  2. The Marine Corps is not having recruiting problems to any extent
  3. Retention in both the Army and Marine Corps is exceeding any goals
  4. There is no degredation in the quality of recruits entering military service

And, these numbers dramatically improved in FY2006.

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Major Mike said...

You mean the sky isn't falling? C'mon you're a blogger...your information and analysis has to be faulty...things can't be going our way!!!

As always...great source documentation. MM