Sunday, August 31, 2008

Choices Made…

Re(1): 'The Fourth Turning', William Strauss and Neil Howe

Senator McCain:

An Artist who got kicked in the teeth chose a GenX Reformer with a background of challenging the establishment while sending her child off to a Fourth Turning war. Governor Palin definitely defines the ‘Nomad’ in Strauss & Howe’s ‘The Fourth Turning’. She is an energetic leader who is unafraid to make the hard call needed to get the job done. She obviously is not a dutifull follower of entrenched 'experts'. So, let me mention some others in that Archetype:

  • Francis Drake
  • Nathaniel Bacon
  • George Washington
  • Ulysses S. Grant
  • David Eisenhower
  • David Petraeus
Yup, many of them are wartime leaders. Another example would be Harry Truman, eh… They are the leaders of men that decide the conflicts of their era. They are not necessarily the Prophets of Ideas – but, as you can see by the list, they are not devoid of game changing punch in that realm either.

If Governor Palin follows the Archetype her traits will be as follows:

Positive ReputationNegative Reputation

Senator Obama:

A Prophet who lives the life of a Nomad selected an Archetypical Artist from the previous saeculum. This is a generation that seems to get lost in the mix. Some behave like Prophets, others Nomads. This archetype comes to flower AFTER the Fourth Turning conflict and erects the foundations that stabilize the next four generations (United Nations, NATO, Warsaw Pact, Civil Rights Movement, etc.). Biden's archetype is this generations GenX children.

I think Biden, however, will simply get lost in this the crisis era. He has made NO mark yet – so why should he in the time remaining. He is too old, his values too conflicted, and his positives are too dreamy to be useful in a time of conflict. His negative traits overwhelm those positives in a Fourth Turning. To be fair I will document those traits as follows (and invite you to come to your own conclusions on his role in this Fourth Turning):

Positive ReputationNegative Reputation

An interesting dynamic, eh. The patterns became clear while watching reruns of CSPAN and listening to replays of talk radio this weekend. Palin fits the era, Biden does not. McCain flows in and out but is tough and decisive, Obama sits dead center as a Prophet but is weak and indecisive and picks someone elses choice for Vice President.

Interesting times we live in, eh.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Time to Select the Company and Platoon Leaders

McCain has selected his XO…

I t should be obvious - and the timing is right. Republicans must select their next batch of Senate and Congressional leader. Take the initiative! Place those selections in the public eye. Make those selections reformers – not Joe Biden or Ted Stevens or Robert Byrd Lites. May I STRONGLY suggest you look at some of the folks on McCain’s short list. No more pork barrel pigs or stodgy time servers.

Prove you are on board.

Do not wait till January.

Do it now, elect reformers, and step into power after the November elections.

That is what WE want.

McCain Selects His XO

Senator McCain picked a challenging, but impressive, XO.

He wanted someone loyal. Not all decisions made in the Oval Office are 100% righteous. Not all are made with 100% certitude. Not all are black or white. All, however, should be made honorably and with concern.

Similarly, he wanted someone who would challenge him if the decision process became a dishonor. If one became flippant.

Anyone out there think Governor Palin will be a toady. This is a two edge sword, but it is obvious that a real leader wanted a real XO.

McCain has picked XOs before.
  • Character and Leadership
  • Talent and Promise
  • Wanted an XO
  • Got One.

PS. Whatever one may think of the other potential selections (Romney, Pawlenty, Cantor, etc.) it is apparent now that the Republican bench is quite big, quite promising, and quite effective. The Democrats, not so much…

Friday, August 29, 2008

They Call Her Sarah

And, that is a very good thing...
A very, very good thing.
Think about it.
  1. She is a known MAVERICK
  2. She is a Conservative
  3. She is an Executive
  4. She competes
  5. She wins.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Human Rights...

Re(1): 'Saddleback Civil Forum on the Presidency', Saddleback Church, Rick Warren

Rick Warren asked pointed questions, permitted answers in depth, and allowed out two candidates for President of the United States to define themselves.

I am not an abortionalutionist or whatever. Most of the time, regretfully, I do not care about the subject. However, the question was succinctly asked:

"At what point does a baby get human rights, in your view?"

Think about it.

It is a tougher question, on deeper review, than one thinks - eh…

We are not talking about legal rights.

We are not talking about political rights.

We are not talking about economic rights.

We ARE talking about HUMAN RIGHTS!!!

The most basic set of rights any human holds. The inalienable ones. Not given by man to man. Instead, they are those given by God, god, or gaia.


Senator Obama, your answer was an abortion.