Saturday, August 30, 2008

McCain Selects His XO

Senator McCain picked a challenging, but impressive, XO.

He wanted someone loyal. Not all decisions made in the Oval Office are 100% righteous. Not all are made with 100% certitude. Not all are black or white. All, however, should be made honorably and with concern.

Similarly, he wanted someone who would challenge him if the decision process became a dishonor. If one became flippant.

Anyone out there think Governor Palin will be a toady. This is a two edge sword, but it is obvious that a real leader wanted a real XO.

McCain has picked XOs before.
  • Character and Leadership
  • Talent and Promise
  • Wanted an XO
  • Got One.

PS. Whatever one may think of the other potential selections (Romney, Pawlenty, Cantor, etc.) it is apparent now that the Republican bench is quite big, quite promising, and quite effective. The Democrats, not so much…

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