Friday, April 29, 2005

The Left Behind!!!

Now that much of the Left have spent a few months mulling religion, studying polls, and trolling for spiritual talking points, they may understand enough to accept that President Clinton was not the second coming of the messiah. This will be a living document listing reactionary Liberals awaiting a secular messiah- the next FDR!!!

The following have been truly “Left Behind!!!”:

  1. Senator Ted Kennedy
  2. Senator Patrick Leahy
  3. Senator Barbara Boxer
  4. Senator Mark Dayton
  5. Senator Kenneth Salazar
  6. Senator Charles Schumer
  7. Senator Harry Reid

And for those who lie in purgatory

  1. Senator Thomas Daschle

These folks have been “Left Behind” by progress. Some Democrat should initiate an intervention. However, in most cases the patient needs to hit "rock bottom!!!" before they climb out of the hole. Will rock bottom be 45 ranting obstructionists, 42 spitting reactionaries, or 38 ineffective protest voters (ie. Senator John Kerry - see votes on military procurement)?

A strong argument may be made that the list could also be called "The Left's Behind!!!" These and other strong candidates often 'Show Their A*s' when they 'Open Their Mouth'.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Lib Corruption – Part 2

Re(1): “Saddam’s Sugar Daddy”, Claudia Rosett, NROnline
Re(2): “More Food-For-(Oil) Thought”, Roger L Simon, RogerLSimon
Re(3): “Roger Simon’s Mystery”, Wretchard, Belmont Club
Re(4): “Roger Simon’s Mystery 2”, Wretchard, Belmont Club
Re(5): “Martin Offers Elections … In December”, Captain Ed, CaptainsQuartersBlog
Re(6): “Liberals Handed Out Judgeships For Political Favors: Witness”, Captain Ed, CaptainsQuartersBlog
Re(7): “Boulay Made Money From All Sides”, Captain Ed, CaptainsQuartersBlog

Read the links, the primary documents they point to, and the initiating and follow-up posts. This is a story in the making – complex and sweet. Yummy, and teased by a mystery writer, analyzed by a foreign relations analyst, bird dogged by a tenacious journalist, and outed by a firebrand. Yummy…

The UN, the fine Canadian Liberal Party, liberal big business, money laundering, Saddam Hussein, Oil For Food, etc……

Caveat: For my 16 readers this month the following is pure speculation and as such cannot be nominated for “My Flameouts”.

Are we going to witness a connection of corruption between Prime Minister Martin of the Canadian Liberal Party, the Iraq Oil-For-Food Scandal, and U.S. election campaign finance?

Me thinks so.

Ah, the U.N. is good for something.

A true world wide scandal brought to you by

A Blog Swarm.

Hey Libs, ‘You are what you eat!’

FOBs: Felons, Cons, and Strip Club Owners…

re(1): "Peter Paul and Hillary", dan, Wizblog

Let me introduce you to President Clinton and Senator Clinton supporters:

Mr. David Rosen – Future Felon and Clinton (both) Fundraiser. Seems to have made an ‘inadvertent’ clerical error of a mere $800,000 in campaign finance reporting on a marquee gala Hollywood event praising President Clinton and funding Hillary Clinton’s senatorial campaign.

Mr. Aaron Tonken – Con man and Clinton (both) Fundraiser. Currently residing in Federal Prison for ‘inadvertently’ defrauding donors to gala charity events (other gala events – not the one that Mr. Rosen used as a political fundraiser).

Mr. Peter Paul – Con man and Clinton (both) Fundraiser. Small time Kenneth Lay. He inflated corporate stock value and sold on the bubble. Also reminiscent of those fine, upstanding citizens known affectionately as ‘Robber Barrons’. This solid citizen spent some time in the Lincoln Bedroom.

M. Jim Levin – Chicago strip club owner. Was crass enough to think that one could ingratiate himself to the Clintons by fundraising for their campaigns…

Hey HillBilly, anyone tell you 'You are what you eat!'

Thursday, April 21, 2005

A Bomb was a Bomb was a Bomb…

Re(1): “No Experience Necessary”, Dan Stober, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

How many times must this be said:

For veteran bomb designers, accurately predicting the yield of their bomb is of great importance. Dobson and Selden had only a vague idea of the power of their bomb, but did it matter? For an aspiring nuclear state (or a terrorist group), a bomb was a bomb was a bomb. "If Iraq had one of those, you would believe [in it]," Selden said in 1995.

And the Flat Earth Society (Politicians and Ignorant Fools) are shocked that science is science – and the Pope is Catholic:

When, finally, the road show was over, Selden and Dobson were told what they had already guessed: Their labor of three years had succeeded. They had designed a working atom bomb. The reaction from audience members was in proportion to their working knowledge of nuclear weapons. Some civilian officials were stunned, Hudgins said, but most scientists were not.
And we are always questioned – “Why are we in Iraq???”

From his experience, Dobson believes Al Qaeda, if it were not on the run, could attain the world's worst terror weapon. "It seems to me that this Al Qaeda is enough of an organization, with enough people and enough funding that they probably could." He worries about sea-going shipping containers, which are large enough to hold a heavy, conservatively designed weapon that would have a high chance of success.

"They could send it up Chesapeake Bay, San Francisco Bay, Puget Sound, or the Mississippi River. You could go any place, Almost. Most large cities are either coastal or on a major river, where barge-type shipping goes," Dobson said.
Thought through, it should be apparent that to keep the bad guys on the run you have to endanger their sanctuaries, their skilled labor source, their funding source, and their technology source. These resources make much of the Middle East far more dangerous in the mid to long term than even an existing nuclear ‘power’ that cannot sustain their program.

And now for the big weenie:

Selden knew that in another hands-on experiment, U.S. weapons designers had proven the concept at the Nevada Test Site in 1962, when they blew up a bomb using reactor-grade plutonium. Ichiro Ozawa, the leader of Japan's opposition Liberal Party, underscored the point 40 years later. In a speech last April that sent shock waves across Asia, he said: "We have plenty of plutonium in our nuclear power plants, so it's possible for us to produce 3,000 to 4,000 nuclear warheads. If we get serious, we will never be beaten in terms of military power."
And now we have advanced, free market societies in South Korea, Taiwan, Australia, etc… While I cannot vouch for this organization (its clock seem right only about twice a day), how secure do you think 60 year old technology is – that is, is it secret???

Should be an interesting 21st Century.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

The Conservative Saeculum - Future Flameout?

Hey Republicraps,

Are you going to make my biggest smack post a poseur?

Some ignorant gubment slug forgets to attend the Bolton ranting and gets all affronted regarding a last second trumped up charge about the nominee being a big meany. Good God!!!

Glad I did not prior post the Judiciary Filibuster rules vote.

Good God Republicrap ‘Leadership’, don’t you know that blowing the Judge issue will be your Mogadishu… Run away and you will not be forgiven… I really hope the Republicrap leadership doesn’t fight like a French Bill Clinton… Run away and the vultures will pick you clean. They will remember…

Should I double down? Last week yes, this week not my cup of tea.

Birds and Barbarians

To the La Raza clown who whined about a Schwarzenegger demand to “close the border”:

Birds and Barbarians migrate,
Citizens of nation states do not...

Do not talk about people migrating like illiterate barbarians and wild geese…

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

The Conservative Saeculum

Re(1): “The Fourth Turning”, William Strause and Neil Howe

While I drink a good German micro brew I have a revelation!!!

Libs, let’s call it a saeculum and be done with it…

The turning started when the latch key kids who used to shoot each other got religion and gave birth to the “Honor Student” generation. Proud parents driving their soccer challenged youths from one event to another. Children brought up in increasingly tight and communal families – learning to respect social structure… All the while watching the aging blue hair baby boomers prat about with grand ideas and small battles. All that was required was a spark.

For you Libs, was it the 2000 election fiasco or was it 9/11… In the end, historians can determine the beginning of a rising and a falling.*

Lets go backwards

Bolton Confirmation
Pope Benedict XVI
Pope John Paul II Veneration
Negroponte Confirmation
Lebanon Protests
Iraq Elections
Rice Confirmation
U.S. Elections
Afghanistan Elections
Australian Elections
Reagan Veneration
Iraq Liberation
Afghanistan Liberation
Stem Cell Research Confrontation
China Spyplane Confrontation
2000 Election Fiasco

Libs, pick a win, any win. Oh, that’s right you all hung a good man named Miguel Estrada with your crappy filibuster… You really are quality people, aren’t you… Regardless, it might be time to call it a game and start preparing for the next saeculum. We have had our ‘Fourth Turning’ and the culture wars are largely won. Society is being defined by the conservative movement.

By the way a saeculum is a Latin term for a ‘long lifetime’ – about 80 years. William Strause and Neil Howe postulate that generational trends cycle through four archetypes every saeculum.

It's been a sad half decade for the Liberal Movement. But be positive - some disaster, in say seventy years, may bring you back into power.

* For me, the lib elements of my feeble mind were extinguished when my take home pay declined when I received a major promotion and thus higher pay. You might remember the Clinton Tax Increase. I also work for a Marine Corps where the personal battle cry became "I survived the Clinton Legacy!"

On the topic of Err America - Quickly before its too late

re(1): "New Liberal Talk Radio Ratings Released", Brian Maloney, The Radio Equalizer

Err America is there to provide the nanny state time for public service spots.

I just found out that fruits and nuts were beneficial parts of any healthy diet – and I live in California!!! There will many Err filling opportunities now that the nanny state has determined that there are actually twelve food groups. Wow, Err America can run three one minute spots, four times an hour, and cover all their advertising slots…

The nice thing about Err America is that I can always count on some serious political wisdom when other talk show hosts are cutting to advertisements. I mean, I can listen to Randi Rhodes summarizing some deep thought of the day for a minute, spend a minute ingesting the dietary benefits of sleeping or something, and then jump right back into the saddle – by pressing the reset button on my radio.

Also, it is nice to know that here in San Diego the straight news cuts are provided by the epitome of journalistic integrity – CNN Radio…

Err America is also increasing is audience share by incorporating decent programming - like financial investment show “The Ray Lucia Show”. Me thinks he and his co-hosts might be just a bit right of center…

Err America and Rollerblades...

Damn, I was scudding Err America when the doorbell rang…

The poor sod in a hooded sweatshirt looks me from head to foot and asks what he knew to be a completely embarrassing and inane pitch:

“Would you like to buy a set of rollerblades?”

I mirror his gaze and review the options… “Uuuuhhhh, no. Nice try though!”

I just realized I am in a wheelchair. What am I to do???

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

The Judiciary and Progress...

Why is the judicial branch important in all aspects of long term change?

I am not a supporter of militarizing the boarder for the following reasons:
  • It takes 500 Minitemen to man 25 boarder miles.
  • It, therefore, takes 100,000 personnel to man the Mexican and Canadian boarders
That is, it will take about 175,000 government salaries and a huge Marine Corps like support structure to seal the Mexican and Canadian boarder – and this does not resolve coast entry.

However, does anything really matter when any decision directed toward stemming the flow of Mexican citizens (among others) into our country is quickly reviewed by the court – and found lacking? That is, can any progress be made without a legitimate judiciary not stuck in the free sex 60’s? The simple answer is NO. And NO. And again NO…

Proposition 209 in California simply mandated that United States benefits be restricted to United States citizens in non-emergency situations. The 9th Circuit overturned the proposition via a claim that it was unconstitutional. Here are the end-game numbers of this ruling:

6,000,000,000 people in the world
300,000,000 United States citizens.

Thus, 5% of the world’s population (American citizens) is mandated to support the citizens of all other nationalities – currently, largely Mexican citizens. Why are American Citizens responsible for the public support of Mexican citizens?

That is why a bit of judicial balance is needed before extensive structural reform is attempted.

Monday, April 11, 2005

Hey Libbies, War Saves Lives

Re(1): Terrorism's Antibody
Re(2): None So Blind
Re(3): The Bush Dilemma

With the incessant squealing by the Left – a Left that cannot sustain any commitment from inception through completion – it might seem a bit odd that one could postulate a concept of saving lives through decisive conflict.

However, the following questions must be asked:
1. How many lives would have been saved in the mid-20th Century if Hitler had been stopped at the Rhineland, Austria, or Munich?

2. How many lives would have been saved if the Western Democracies had not been forced to ally with the Soviet Union as a result of blundering into Total War.

3. How many lives were actually saved (on all sides) by completely smashing the Nazi, Imperial, and Slave State cultures of Germany, Japan, and The South.

To you lefties:
1. How many people have been murdered as a result of your weakness?

2. How many people have you freed in the last half century?

3. Why is actual leadership an anathema to your movement?

Uuummm, kinda bored - but lookie...

re(1): When Dolphins attack!!! AQ Frogmen

Odd, very odd...

Saturday, April 02, 2005


re(1): Pope John Paul II Dies, Times Can't Find Someone who Liked Him

If only the NYT could find a quote from a supporter of Pope John Paul II.

Maybe they could look for the 1/6th of the worlds population that is Catholic.
Maybe in the 1 Billion Protestants.
Maybe in the millions of Jews that learned to respect and trust him.

I don't know. Kinda hard to find a needle in a haystack of three billion souls. Even the apostate admire the man - at least the billion or so that were locked behind the Iron Curtain.

Thank You Karol Wojtyla, Pope of Popes...