Friday, April 22, 2005

FOBs: Felons, Cons, and Strip Club Owners…

re(1): "Peter Paul and Hillary", dan, Wizblog

Let me introduce you to President Clinton and Senator Clinton supporters:

Mr. David Rosen – Future Felon and Clinton (both) Fundraiser. Seems to have made an ‘inadvertent’ clerical error of a mere $800,000 in campaign finance reporting on a marquee gala Hollywood event praising President Clinton and funding Hillary Clinton’s senatorial campaign.

Mr. Aaron Tonken – Con man and Clinton (both) Fundraiser. Currently residing in Federal Prison for ‘inadvertently’ defrauding donors to gala charity events (other gala events – not the one that Mr. Rosen used as a political fundraiser).

Mr. Peter Paul – Con man and Clinton (both) Fundraiser. Small time Kenneth Lay. He inflated corporate stock value and sold on the bubble. Also reminiscent of those fine, upstanding citizens known affectionately as ‘Robber Barrons’. This solid citizen spent some time in the Lincoln Bedroom.

M. Jim Levin – Chicago strip club owner. Was crass enough to think that one could ingratiate himself to the Clintons by fundraising for their campaigns…

Hey HillBilly, anyone tell you 'You are what you eat!'

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