Friday, April 29, 2005

The Left Behind!!!

Now that much of the Left have spent a few months mulling religion, studying polls, and trolling for spiritual talking points, they may understand enough to accept that President Clinton was not the second coming of the messiah. This will be a living document listing reactionary Liberals awaiting a secular messiah- the next FDR!!!

The following have been truly “Left Behind!!!”:

  1. Senator Ted Kennedy
  2. Senator Patrick Leahy
  3. Senator Barbara Boxer
  4. Senator Mark Dayton
  5. Senator Kenneth Salazar
  6. Senator Charles Schumer
  7. Senator Harry Reid

And for those who lie in purgatory

  1. Senator Thomas Daschle

These folks have been “Left Behind” by progress. Some Democrat should initiate an intervention. However, in most cases the patient needs to hit "rock bottom!!!" before they climb out of the hole. Will rock bottom be 45 ranting obstructionists, 42 spitting reactionaries, or 38 ineffective protest voters (ie. Senator John Kerry - see votes on military procurement)?

A strong argument may be made that the list could also be called "The Left's Behind!!!" These and other strong candidates often 'Show Their A*s' when they 'Open Their Mouth'.

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