Tuesday, April 19, 2005

The Conservative Saeculum

Re(1): “The Fourth Turning”, William Strause and Neil Howe

While I drink a good German micro brew I have a revelation!!!

Libs, let’s call it a saeculum and be done with it…

The turning started when the latch key kids who used to shoot each other got religion and gave birth to the “Honor Student” generation. Proud parents driving their soccer challenged youths from one event to another. Children brought up in increasingly tight and communal families – learning to respect social structure… All the while watching the aging blue hair baby boomers prat about with grand ideas and small battles. All that was required was a spark.

For you Libs, was it the 2000 election fiasco or was it 9/11… In the end, historians can determine the beginning of a rising and a falling.*

Lets go backwards

Bolton Confirmation
Pope Benedict XVI
Pope John Paul II Veneration
Negroponte Confirmation
Lebanon Protests
Iraq Elections
Rice Confirmation
U.S. Elections
Afghanistan Elections
Australian Elections
Reagan Veneration
Iraq Liberation
Afghanistan Liberation
Stem Cell Research Confrontation
China Spyplane Confrontation
2000 Election Fiasco

Libs, pick a win, any win. Oh, that’s right you all hung a good man named Miguel Estrada with your crappy filibuster… You really are quality people, aren’t you… Regardless, it might be time to call it a game and start preparing for the next saeculum. We have had our ‘Fourth Turning’ and the culture wars are largely won. Society is being defined by the conservative movement.

By the way a saeculum is a Latin term for a ‘long lifetime’ – about 80 years. William Strause and Neil Howe postulate that generational trends cycle through four archetypes every saeculum.

It's been a sad half decade for the Liberal Movement. But be positive - some disaster, in say seventy years, may bring you back into power.

* For me, the lib elements of my feeble mind were extinguished when my take home pay declined when I received a major promotion and thus higher pay. You might remember the Clinton Tax Increase. I also work for a Marine Corps where the personal battle cry became "I survived the Clinton Legacy!"

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