Monday, April 11, 2005

Hey Libbies, War Saves Lives

Re(1): Terrorism's Antibody
Re(2): None So Blind
Re(3): The Bush Dilemma

With the incessant squealing by the Left – a Left that cannot sustain any commitment from inception through completion – it might seem a bit odd that one could postulate a concept of saving lives through decisive conflict.

However, the following questions must be asked:
1. How many lives would have been saved in the mid-20th Century if Hitler had been stopped at the Rhineland, Austria, or Munich?

2. How many lives would have been saved if the Western Democracies had not been forced to ally with the Soviet Union as a result of blundering into Total War.

3. How many lives were actually saved (on all sides) by completely smashing the Nazi, Imperial, and Slave State cultures of Germany, Japan, and The South.

To you lefties:
1. How many people have been murdered as a result of your weakness?

2. How many people have you freed in the last half century?

3. Why is actual leadership an anathema to your movement?

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