Friday, April 22, 2005

Lib Corruption – Part 2

Re(1): “Saddam’s Sugar Daddy”, Claudia Rosett, NROnline
Re(2): “More Food-For-(Oil) Thought”, Roger L Simon, RogerLSimon
Re(3): “Roger Simon’s Mystery”, Wretchard, Belmont Club
Re(4): “Roger Simon’s Mystery 2”, Wretchard, Belmont Club
Re(5): “Martin Offers Elections … In December”, Captain Ed, CaptainsQuartersBlog
Re(6): “Liberals Handed Out Judgeships For Political Favors: Witness”, Captain Ed, CaptainsQuartersBlog
Re(7): “Boulay Made Money From All Sides”, Captain Ed, CaptainsQuartersBlog

Read the links, the primary documents they point to, and the initiating and follow-up posts. This is a story in the making – complex and sweet. Yummy, and teased by a mystery writer, analyzed by a foreign relations analyst, bird dogged by a tenacious journalist, and outed by a firebrand. Yummy…

The UN, the fine Canadian Liberal Party, liberal big business, money laundering, Saddam Hussein, Oil For Food, etc……

Caveat: For my 16 readers this month the following is pure speculation and as such cannot be nominated for “My Flameouts”.

Are we going to witness a connection of corruption between Prime Minister Martin of the Canadian Liberal Party, the Iraq Oil-For-Food Scandal, and U.S. election campaign finance?

Me thinks so.

Ah, the U.N. is good for something.

A true world wide scandal brought to you by

A Blog Swarm.

Hey Libs, ‘You are what you eat!’

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