Tuesday, April 19, 2005

On the topic of Err America - Quickly before its too late

re(1): "New Liberal Talk Radio Ratings Released", Brian Maloney, The Radio Equalizer

Err America is there to provide the nanny state time for public service spots.

I just found out that fruits and nuts were beneficial parts of any healthy diet – and I live in California!!! There will many Err filling opportunities now that the nanny state has determined that there are actually twelve food groups. Wow, Err America can run three one minute spots, four times an hour, and cover all their advertising slots…

The nice thing about Err America is that I can always count on some serious political wisdom when other talk show hosts are cutting to advertisements. I mean, I can listen to Randi Rhodes summarizing some deep thought of the day for a minute, spend a minute ingesting the dietary benefits of sleeping or something, and then jump right back into the saddle – by pressing the reset button on my radio.

Also, it is nice to know that here in San Diego the straight news cuts are provided by the epitome of journalistic integrity – CNN Radio…

Err America is also increasing is audience share by incorporating decent programming - like financial investment show “The Ray Lucia Show”. Me thinks he and his co-hosts might be just a bit right of center…

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