Wednesday, April 13, 2005

The Judiciary and Progress...

Why is the judicial branch important in all aspects of long term change?

I am not a supporter of militarizing the boarder for the following reasons:
  • It takes 500 Minitemen to man 25 boarder miles.
  • It, therefore, takes 100,000 personnel to man the Mexican and Canadian boarders
That is, it will take about 175,000 government salaries and a huge Marine Corps like support structure to seal the Mexican and Canadian boarder – and this does not resolve coast entry.

However, does anything really matter when any decision directed toward stemming the flow of Mexican citizens (among others) into our country is quickly reviewed by the court – and found lacking? That is, can any progress be made without a legitimate judiciary not stuck in the free sex 60’s? The simple answer is NO. And NO. And again NO…

Proposition 209 in California simply mandated that United States benefits be restricted to United States citizens in non-emergency situations. The 9th Circuit overturned the proposition via a claim that it was unconstitutional. Here are the end-game numbers of this ruling:

6,000,000,000 people in the world
300,000,000 United States citizens.

Thus, 5% of the world’s population (American citizens) is mandated to support the citizens of all other nationalities – currently, largely Mexican citizens. Why are American Citizens responsible for the public support of Mexican citizens?

That is why a bit of judicial balance is needed before extensive structural reform is attempted.

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