Saturday, September 27, 2008

Invest in The New 'Treasury Turd Bonds'

Re(1): 'It's not a bailout; it's the dollar's credibility', The Skeptical Optimist, Steve Canover

Let us postulate that the government funds the purchase of the cookies with Treasuries. If our brilliant government asset managers (maybe borrow some expertise from Fannie Mae or Freddy Mac) can melt, mash, and refine the assets - separating the turds from the chocolate - than you have at least two piles of assets. The pile over here is comprised of quite tasty chocolate chip cookies. Yummy. I think I saw Barney Frank romping and chomping on that pile. But, over here, a nauseating fecal smell permeates the atmosphere. The dogs come by, sniff, and walk away. Children run gagging from that pile of ‘assets’.

However, we know the truth, eh… Nobody will be able to refine these assets into their elemental parts. How are you going to know if grandma Boomer One bought a small, almost imperceptible, turd in her cookie while grandma Boomer Two owns an untainted treat. Anyone think any politician will have the heart tell Grandma One to give her cookie back – tell her she is gobbling on a turd. Upper lip quivering and feeling her pain or something. We all know everything will be dumped at fire sale prices because the government will not be able to sniff out the turds from the chips. Our government won’t even want to get on their knees and initiate the sniff test.

Regardless, assuming our vaunted government sniffers are up to the task, now what do we do?

1. Mix it all back together to hide the power of the stench and mark it down with a known turd to chip ratio. What happens to the Turd Tainted Treasuries? This is the most likely ‘solution’. Yippie, this asset lump has a turd to chip ratio of 5%. We can make a plan or something. However, Grandpa and the Chinese and the Saudi Sheiks will want a bit more of a return to cover their potential medical bills. But, at least they know they have a 5% chance of catching cholera.

2. Keep them separate. Wait till the good assets grow in value enough to cover the cost of the turds under the tarp. All the while paying the rent on the gym where the two piles are stored (the cost of borrowing required to purchase the original pile of tainted assets). Might be a while. Then hire someone to start shoveling the turds into the toilet bowl. Don’t want this to be a SuperDome thang, eh…

Here, however is my solution!

Since the brilliant government flaks are obviously in charge – and worthy of managing a trillion dollars – they obviously have some handle on what they are buying. That is, they must have some idea of how big the pile under the tarp is in relation to the one Barney Frank has been traipsing in. Have confidence. Now, in my opinion the government should fund the ORIGINAL purchase of the asset mix via two different instruments. Something like a Ginnie Mae for the yummy cookies. And, a brand new ‘Treasury for Turds’ bond for the not so good cookies. If someone buys the ‘Treasury for Turds’ bond he/she is speculating that there will still be some chips in the mess. Probably a good bet, eh. Then get to the refining.

Here, is my offer to those who want part of the action via my personal assets:

I’ll buy the second ‘Treasury for Turds’ bond.

You buy the first.

Hopefully, the bond will have a cute design like a Disney stock certificate. Maybe a collector’s item.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Thank You Senator Obama

Re(1): 'Obama says no place for Palin daughter story', The Politico, Jonathan Martin

Senator Obama, I cannot vote for you because politically I do not agree with the direction you are taking. To be fair, I can barely lean in wahtever direction McCain wobbles into.

However, I have always thought you a gentleman and a decent person. I gave you a longer look than I have given any Democrat for President in my sensible voting lifetime.

Children and non-politicizing family should not be hassled during an election.

My concern - and the major reason I averted my eyes from your candidacy - are the zealots that track you. Democratic Underground and DailyKOS adherents are not folks I want to be around.

Kinda like Bill Ayers, eh - zing!!!

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Choices Made…

Re(1): 'The Fourth Turning', William Strauss and Neil Howe

Senator McCain:

An Artist who got kicked in the teeth chose a GenX Reformer with a background of challenging the establishment while sending her child off to a Fourth Turning war. Governor Palin definitely defines the ‘Nomad’ in Strauss & Howe’s ‘The Fourth Turning’. She is an energetic leader who is unafraid to make the hard call needed to get the job done. She obviously is not a dutifull follower of entrenched 'experts'. So, let me mention some others in that Archetype:

  • Francis Drake
  • Nathaniel Bacon
  • George Washington
  • Ulysses S. Grant
  • David Eisenhower
  • David Petraeus
Yup, many of them are wartime leaders. Another example would be Harry Truman, eh… They are the leaders of men that decide the conflicts of their era. They are not necessarily the Prophets of Ideas – but, as you can see by the list, they are not devoid of game changing punch in that realm either.

If Governor Palin follows the Archetype her traits will be as follows:

Positive ReputationNegative Reputation

Senator Obama:

A Prophet who lives the life of a Nomad selected an Archetypical Artist from the previous saeculum. This is a generation that seems to get lost in the mix. Some behave like Prophets, others Nomads. This archetype comes to flower AFTER the Fourth Turning conflict and erects the foundations that stabilize the next four generations (United Nations, NATO, Warsaw Pact, Civil Rights Movement, etc.). Biden's archetype is this generations GenX children.

I think Biden, however, will simply get lost in this the crisis era. He has made NO mark yet – so why should he in the time remaining. He is too old, his values too conflicted, and his positives are too dreamy to be useful in a time of conflict. His negative traits overwhelm those positives in a Fourth Turning. To be fair I will document those traits as follows (and invite you to come to your own conclusions on his role in this Fourth Turning):

Positive ReputationNegative Reputation

An interesting dynamic, eh. The patterns became clear while watching reruns of CSPAN and listening to replays of talk radio this weekend. Palin fits the era, Biden does not. McCain flows in and out but is tough and decisive, Obama sits dead center as a Prophet but is weak and indecisive and picks someone elses choice for Vice President.

Interesting times we live in, eh.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Time to Select the Company and Platoon Leaders

McCain has selected his XO…

I t should be obvious - and the timing is right. Republicans must select their next batch of Senate and Congressional leader. Take the initiative! Place those selections in the public eye. Make those selections reformers – not Joe Biden or Ted Stevens or Robert Byrd Lites. May I STRONGLY suggest you look at some of the folks on McCain’s short list. No more pork barrel pigs or stodgy time servers.

Prove you are on board.

Do not wait till January.

Do it now, elect reformers, and step into power after the November elections.

That is what WE want.

McCain Selects His XO

Senator McCain picked a challenging, but impressive, XO.

He wanted someone loyal. Not all decisions made in the Oval Office are 100% righteous. Not all are made with 100% certitude. Not all are black or white. All, however, should be made honorably and with concern.

Similarly, he wanted someone who would challenge him if the decision process became a dishonor. If one became flippant.

Anyone out there think Governor Palin will be a toady. This is a two edge sword, but it is obvious that a real leader wanted a real XO.

McCain has picked XOs before.
  • Character and Leadership
  • Talent and Promise
  • Wanted an XO
  • Got One.

PS. Whatever one may think of the other potential selections (Romney, Pawlenty, Cantor, etc.) it is apparent now that the Republican bench is quite big, quite promising, and quite effective. The Democrats, not so much…

Friday, August 29, 2008

They Call Her Sarah

And, that is a very good thing...
A very, very good thing.
Think about it.
  1. She is a known MAVERICK
  2. She is a Conservative
  3. She is an Executive
  4. She competes
  5. She wins.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Human Rights...

Re(1): 'Saddleback Civil Forum on the Presidency', Saddleback Church, Rick Warren

Rick Warren asked pointed questions, permitted answers in depth, and allowed out two candidates for President of the United States to define themselves.

I am not an abortionalutionist or whatever. Most of the time, regretfully, I do not care about the subject. However, the question was succinctly asked:

"At what point does a baby get human rights, in your view?"

Think about it.

It is a tougher question, on deeper review, than one thinks - eh…

We are not talking about legal rights.

We are not talking about political rights.

We are not talking about economic rights.

We ARE talking about HUMAN RIGHTS!!!

The most basic set of rights any human holds. The inalienable ones. Not given by man to man. Instead, they are those given by God, god, or gaia.


Senator Obama, your answer was an abortion.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Signing Ceremonies…

Re(1): 'Cracks in the ground', The Belmont Club, Wretchard T.C.
Re(1): 'May 2008 One Of Top Two Least Violent Months Of The Entire Iraq War', The Strata-Sphere, AJ Strata

The Libs have been prattling about trying to figure out how we are to surrender when we lose. They think a rapid retreat is all that is needed to settle the conflict. That militant Islamists will not continue their struggle when we turn around and go home. No signing ceremonies in a torture house or any ceremonial head chopping in some city square in Mecca are needed.

But, name a finished war that never ended officially?

Now, however, with the long term trends being what they are, we have to ask ourselves where and how does the militant Islamist movement surrender?

This is not a snarky question. We civilized people have no desire to kill or destroy.

Who is the guarantor that militant Islam will cease hostilities toward America, Iraq, Israel, and the West in general?

Has President Bush again led the Lawrence Wright, in an interview with Hugh Hewitt, mentioned that the two centers of Islam are Egypt and Iraq. Allowing the civilized element of Iraq to flourish and dominate may prove to re-center Islam to Iraq – the strong horse. A different, but civilized, people and culture – one not wedded to jihad, expansion, and murder.

Pray, hope…

I would love to go to Iraq as a tourist.

Istanbul was stunning.

Baghdad would be amazing.

Babylon anyone. Nineveh. To see the cradle of civilization…

Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Left hath no Fury Like an Appeaser Scorned

Re(1): 'It was never OK to carve up Czechoslovakia', Ed Morrissey,
Re(2): 'Bush, and His Use of Appeasement', Bruce Ramsey, The Seattle Times
Re(3): 'Hypocricy on Hamas', James P. Rubin,

1. First the good. Actually the very good. The more I think about it - good enough to be on my permanent 'My Favorite Posts' blogroll. I still use that thing for research. Anyone else find it valuable?

Ed Morrissey's post 'It was never OK to carve up Czechoslovakia' concisely argues the fact that there was absolutely NO justification for allied nations GIVING AWAY a sovereign state during a negotiation with a tyrant.




Morrissey further emphasizes this obvious point (obvious to anyone but the oblivious MoonBat Left) by recalling history anyone with eyes or finger sensation or ears could attain in a few moments of research. The fact that Hitler’s Germany acted in bad faith on the world’s stage for years prior to England and France ceding half a sovereign state to its clutches. They rearmed in violation of treaty. They increased military manpower in violation of treaty. They attacked and took territory in violation of treaty. They built a vast submarine fleet in violation of treaty. And, they acted the part of barbarian hoards for years prior to WWII.

Basically, that era of Krauts behaved like this era of Islamofascists.

Hence the name, eh.

2. Now the bad. Actually, the very bad. Now that I am thinking about it - the completely ignorant and stupid and vapid.

If I only had a blogroll for idiotic MSM ‘journalism’. But I don’t – and won’t. That task would be a full time job.

First, the wizened opinion of an idiot. Namely, Bruce Ramsey and his argument that Hitler’s Germany had some righteous arguments for demanding and accepting part of a sovereign state – just prior to rolling his tanks over the rest a few months later. You see, Hitler’s demands were reasonable because part of the Czechoslovakia Republic spoke German and because the great powers had to avoid war. Dude (I now speak a language he understands), Switzerland's official language is German. Dude, we speak a Germanic language. Dude, we sent black people to Berlin's Olympics to whomp on Aryan Germanic Ass. We Americans oppressed the German Nazis by sending a 'nigga' to show them up on their own racist home turf. The Krauts had basis for negotiating the cession of at least half the American eastern seaboard for that slight. They were oppressed, very oppressed, mightily oppressed, etc...

And to top it off, Bruce just committed a blogospheric injustice by rewriting his trash. Still not much better. Try again bubba. I’ll find the original version for posterity sake.



And, a fool is forever.

Second, a Clintonoid named James Rubin misquotes his own videotape and transcribed interview with Senator John McCain to make McCain look like an ObamAppeaser. It’s not every day that an MSM moron can – or will – misquote his own interview. But, here we have it!!!

Rubin quotes McCain word for word, nuance for nuance, inflection for inflection, facial expression for facial expression, etc. on the first thirty seconds of a videotaped interview he had with McCain two years ago when Hamas was dutifully elected by the enlightened citizens of Hamasistan. But, whoops, the dog ate the next thirty seconds. Certainly nobody would catch him with only half his homework done. I mean, if the WashedOutPost editors and fact checkers don’t call him on his inadvertent misplacement of an important quote than some slugs in their pajamas never will!!!

Let her ride!!!

You two ignorant turds.

The Web is Forever.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Brave Mam Clinton

Re(1): 'Shameless liar on Bosnia: I’m only human', Hot Air, AllahPundit
Re(2): 'HILLARY - OBAMA: Sucking all the cash out of the Democrats?', Instapundit, Reynolds
Re(3): 'The presidential race in perspective', KnoxNews, Michael Silence

Only a Lib would brag about being part of President Clinton's crack Foreign Policy Squad...

I think al-Qaeda operatives saw Mrs. Clinton snorkeling around the docks of Aden harbor after the Cole bombing. Bin Laden and his brave Minutemen ran for the hills.

She was on-site immediately following the Khobar Towers bombing. She single handedly captured an al-Qaeda financier. Guns blazing, Brave Mam Clinton gave fair warning, requested the door be opened, and read the Minuteman his rights. That criminal got off on a technicality by some kinda troglodyte man.

And, she defied the ‘wag the dog’ commentary and personally guided a Tomahawk missile to an Iraqi WMD factory – or maybe an aspirin factory – but, it is the thought that counts. Rode that missile like the brave pilot in ‘Doctor Strangelove’. Gods, she was beautiful.

Finally, in yet another example of leadership in a time of crisis Hillary Clinton braved smoke and mirrors saving victims from the 1st World Trade Center bombing. As a result, there were only six fatalities.

Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

An Easter Look at Killing...

Re(1): As US Deaths In Iraq Approach 4,000 Over 5 Years, Some Perspective, The Strata-Sphere, AJ Strata
Re(2): 'What is the real death toll in Iraq?', The Guardian, Jonothan Steele and Suzanne Goldenberg

Let us look at some nasty statistics this Easter. Let us see if the SurrenderMedia can find a nugget of crap to chew upon:

A review of recent statistics demonstrates (Using the ICC stats, assuming a 6 month average of 552 wartime fatalities per month which seems to be the current level):

Iraq Civilian Casualties as a result of the war:
24.1/100,000The pre-surge rate was: 74.7/100,000

United States
Murders and Suicides: 16.3/100,000
Murders only: 5.6/100,000

So, Iraq is not the United States. It is not England. It is not Japan. Iraqi’s are not as worried about single payer healthcare or whatever as we are. However, the situation has dramatically improved and that improvement is accelerating.

From 'What is the real death toll in Iraq?’
Maximum Accepted Saddam-Era state sponsored mortality
1 million killings over 35 years, rate: 105.45/100,000

Accepted count of 380,000 Saddam state sponsored killings over those 35 years - not including Iran/Iraq war: 41.1/100,000.

Thus, Saddam killed about 11,300 per year every year. And these were state murders – not illnesses, accidents, old age, etc. And, should we not include Saddam’s unjust wars? And, the ratio seemed to accelerate through the years!!!

Surge era killings by ‘militants’ and coalition troops will result in about 6,600 per year at the current ratio. And, this ratio has a solid chance to decline as al-Qaeda weakens. Thus, the norm in Iraq under Saddam was almost double that of the current ICC stats and the differential will likely widen.

Anyone want to claim that Saddam and his lovely children and sycophants would have worked hard on behalf of the Iraqi people to reduce the state sponsored murder rate?

Or, would that pathetic genocidal murderer simply assume he had a god given mandate to murder citizens since they voted for him at a 95+% rate?

Saturday, January 05, 2008

On the Conservative Message

I, too, think the ‘Reagan Coalition’ is no longer the standard under which conservative politics can be marketed…


Because there is little left to fight for.

Taxes: Bush’s tax code is dead center for me and most folks in America. I am middle class. My 25% bracket just seems fair. I no longer pour over deductions – looking for every edge. I just pay ‘my fair share’. Under Bush my first $15,000+ is untaxed, the next $48,000+ is taxed at 15%, and anything over at 25%. Under Clinton my first $54,000 was taxed at 15%, and the rest at 28%. Why should a married couple making less than $15,000 pay tax. Why should a middle class chap almost pay 1/3 of his income in federal tax? The tax code is fair. We just pay. The corporate tax is much the same. The tax treatment of dividends wiped out ENRON style fraud. What is left – the 28% bracket. Small stuff…

Defense: Bush came into office with the DOD funded at about 2/3rd’s of requirement. Remember, we ran out of Tomahawk missiles when dealing with Afghanistan. Remember the flood of senior SNCOs leaving the military. Remember the officer corps exiting stage wherever. Remember the ammo shortages. Remember a 162 ship Navy. An 8 Division Army. A depleted Air Force. That was the Clinton Legacy. We are now a much more modern and effective military. We just need a bit more numbers – and, both the Army and Marine Corps are growing in a sustainable fashion. Clintons last budget appropriated $344 Billion (inflation adjusted). Bush’s last budget appropriated $450 Billion – excluding supplementals for the war. That is on target. And, it didn’t come with an unmanaged splurge.

Social Values: Tried ‘Faith Based Initiatives’ – public didn’t rally. Appointed quality judges – got no credit. Demonstrated healthy Judeo-Christian values in public – decried as a theocrat, an ignoramus, and/or a liar. How many 40 year old issues will move tens of millions? Abortion – not for me.

Those were the old issues. The new ones are:

Spending Responsibility: Bush had to fight a war. The Libs wanted bribes and the ‘Fiscal Conservatives’ wanted a big piece of the growing pie. I put ‘Fiscal Conservative’ in quotes because they proved not to be. They figured that since the pie (tax revenue) was growing so rapidly they could take bigger bites and still shrink the deficit in a timely manner. Well they misjudged. The folks in America figured that the $250 million dollar bridge in Alaska could have partially funded the supplemental. The folks figured out that income does not always go up in America. Sometimes there is an economic downturn. The credit card does come due. We are actually in a great position for a politician to remind the voter that we can run in the black for decades – and, do so with no pain.

Social Security: Bush fought the good fight – but powerful trust funders in the Senate squelched and mangled the message. On purpose – some. Out of complete ignorance – most. I mean, if you have $10 million earning 4% I think you can live off of $450,000 a year especially when you have a salary of $220,000 a year. So these ignorant louts think that a 30 year old ‘investing’ 12% of his/her income can do the same with the same interest. Safe and sound. The morons cannot do basic math. The results are about $11,000 in annual benefits. Now, we watch as the Rangel $1 Trillion dollar tax hike affects the way corporations and individuals account for their assets. Surprise. Oh, well. I think this is a solid angle with all the 401(k) investors out there.

American Values: Classic WASP values can be proposed and lived by Americans. Who cares about which faith he/she believes in. We really don’t need a ‘Baptist Based Initiatives’ project – but a ‘Faith Based Initiative’ or a ‘Values Based Initiative’. Yup. Good idea. Where would you rather send your money – the Salvation Army or the Federal Department of Education?

So, the message is still there. But we don’t have to surround the walls of Jericho anymore. We already have that city.