Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Left hath no Fury Like an Appeaser Scorned

Re(1): 'It was never OK to carve up Czechoslovakia', Ed Morrissey,
Re(2): 'Bush, and His Use of Appeasement', Bruce Ramsey, The Seattle Times
Re(3): 'Hypocricy on Hamas', James P. Rubin,

1. First the good. Actually the very good. The more I think about it - good enough to be on my permanent 'My Favorite Posts' blogroll. I still use that thing for research. Anyone else find it valuable?

Ed Morrissey's post 'It was never OK to carve up Czechoslovakia' concisely argues the fact that there was absolutely NO justification for allied nations GIVING AWAY a sovereign state during a negotiation with a tyrant.




Morrissey further emphasizes this obvious point (obvious to anyone but the oblivious MoonBat Left) by recalling history anyone with eyes or finger sensation or ears could attain in a few moments of research. The fact that Hitler’s Germany acted in bad faith on the world’s stage for years prior to England and France ceding half a sovereign state to its clutches. They rearmed in violation of treaty. They increased military manpower in violation of treaty. They attacked and took territory in violation of treaty. They built a vast submarine fleet in violation of treaty. And, they acted the part of barbarian hoards for years prior to WWII.

Basically, that era of Krauts behaved like this era of Islamofascists.

Hence the name, eh.

2. Now the bad. Actually, the very bad. Now that I am thinking about it - the completely ignorant and stupid and vapid.

If I only had a blogroll for idiotic MSM ‘journalism’. But I don’t – and won’t. That task would be a full time job.

First, the wizened opinion of an idiot. Namely, Bruce Ramsey and his argument that Hitler’s Germany had some righteous arguments for demanding and accepting part of a sovereign state – just prior to rolling his tanks over the rest a few months later. You see, Hitler’s demands were reasonable because part of the Czechoslovakia Republic spoke German and because the great powers had to avoid war. Dude (I now speak a language he understands), Switzerland's official language is German. Dude, we speak a Germanic language. Dude, we sent black people to Berlin's Olympics to whomp on Aryan Germanic Ass. We Americans oppressed the German Nazis by sending a 'nigga' to show them up on their own racist home turf. The Krauts had basis for negotiating the cession of at least half the American eastern seaboard for that slight. They were oppressed, very oppressed, mightily oppressed, etc...

And to top it off, Bruce just committed a blogospheric injustice by rewriting his trash. Still not much better. Try again bubba. I’ll find the original version for posterity sake.



And, a fool is forever.

Second, a Clintonoid named James Rubin misquotes his own videotape and transcribed interview with Senator John McCain to make McCain look like an ObamAppeaser. It’s not every day that an MSM moron can – or will – misquote his own interview. But, here we have it!!!

Rubin quotes McCain word for word, nuance for nuance, inflection for inflection, facial expression for facial expression, etc. on the first thirty seconds of a videotaped interview he had with McCain two years ago when Hamas was dutifully elected by the enlightened citizens of Hamasistan. But, whoops, the dog ate the next thirty seconds. Certainly nobody would catch him with only half his homework done. I mean, if the WashedOutPost editors and fact checkers don’t call him on his inadvertent misplacement of an important quote than some slugs in their pajamas never will!!!

Let her ride!!!

You two ignorant turds.

The Web is Forever.

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