Saturday, May 31, 2008

Signing Ceremonies…

Re(1): 'Cracks in the ground', The Belmont Club, Wretchard T.C.
Re(1): 'May 2008 One Of Top Two Least Violent Months Of The Entire Iraq War', The Strata-Sphere, AJ Strata

The Libs have been prattling about trying to figure out how we are to surrender when we lose. They think a rapid retreat is all that is needed to settle the conflict. That militant Islamists will not continue their struggle when we turn around and go home. No signing ceremonies in a torture house or any ceremonial head chopping in some city square in Mecca are needed.

But, name a finished war that never ended officially?

Now, however, with the long term trends being what they are, we have to ask ourselves where and how does the militant Islamist movement surrender?

This is not a snarky question. We civilized people have no desire to kill or destroy.

Who is the guarantor that militant Islam will cease hostilities toward America, Iraq, Israel, and the West in general?

Has President Bush again led the Lawrence Wright, in an interview with Hugh Hewitt, mentioned that the two centers of Islam are Egypt and Iraq. Allowing the civilized element of Iraq to flourish and dominate may prove to re-center Islam to Iraq – the strong horse. A different, but civilized, people and culture – one not wedded to jihad, expansion, and murder.

Pray, hope…

I would love to go to Iraq as a tourist.

Istanbul was stunning.

Baghdad would be amazing.

Babylon anyone. Nineveh. To see the cradle of civilization…


Anonymous said...

Slimy scum believes the US can and should keep troops in Iraq for decades. The Iraqis got a say in it,scum, and they don't want them there scum and they will kill and wound them if they try to stay, if Obama reneges on his promise, scum.
Got it, warmongering scum?

Anonymous said...

When will the left acknowledge that Ted Kennedy killed Mary Jo?