Saturday, May 07, 2005

Never Forget…

Never forget that cowardice in the face of evil is not a virtue.

September 1, 1939 – December 7, 1941

As the isolationist left and right marched, whined, and squabbled for over two years millions died. A few questions to the Paleocons and the Lefties in America past and present:

  1. Are you proud your forefathers watched and whined about the march of evil for over two years prior to World War II?
  2. Are you proud that we were forced to ally with the Soviet Union to destroy Germany?
  3. Are you proud that our decade of inaction forced the complete destruction of nations?
  4. Are you proud that we were forced to end the war with atomic weapons?
  5. Are you even cognizant that a measured demonstration of backbone during the remilitarization of the Rhineland and the incursions into China, while thousands would have been killed, might have alleviated the suffering of hundreds of millions?
  6. And are your WWII era leaders anything more than a regrettable footnotes in dusty Lefty Political Science studies?

Now, why are you marching, whining, and squabbling when we are trying to stop the onslaught of Islamofascism before it required total war?

Thank you President Bush and those derisively called Neocons for trying to lead the ignorant…

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