Friday, May 13, 2005

Base Realignment...

Re(1): BRAC 2005 Closure and Realignment Impacts by State

While everyone is looking at the Congressional and Senatorial winners and losers, I think a more comprehensive review illustrates some other (and potentially more) important patterns:

132 Reserve Centers are CLOSED

  • 3,650 jobs were lost in closed (132) Reserve Centers
  • 1,327 jobs were lost in realigned (9) Reserve Centers
  • 676 jobs were created in gained (9) Reserve Centers

So the DOD Reserve Force lost 4,301 jobs of the 14,684 total lost positions (30%).

Question: How confident is the DOD and the administration in our Reserve Force?

My guess is that we will see a comparable increase in the active duty force structure.

Scud Alert:
And yes, I do have a problem with folks being recruited directly into the reserves. The Army is the biggest culprit in recruiting folks who want to join the job corps and go on camping trips every other month or so – and don’t forget the extra pay check. Surprise, Army recruiting is being clobbered – the campers want the paycheck, but not the work. Now the Army wants to recruit folks for 15 month stints – probably as direct recruit reserves. This is not a good idea.

Hey Army, smell the roses!!!
Force Reductions

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