Sunday, May 08, 2005

Tomorrows Brilliant Err America Analysis of the speech...

Just a preview...

Let us carefully look at the following quote from President Bush's long speech about appeasement, the march of freedom, and why we fight:
Successful democracies will be defined by a broader ideal of citizenship -- based on shared principles, shared responsibilities, and respect for all. For my own country, the process of becoming a mature, multi-ethnic democracy was lengthy and violent. Our journey from national independence to equal injustice [sic] included the enslavement of millions, and a four-year civil war. Even after slavery ended, a century passed before an oppressed minority was guaranteed equal rights.

For you libs and Err America listeners: sic means a typographical or verbal error that might be construed as ignorance of/or in contradiction to the context. If you harp on the use of 'injustice' when the context definitely implies the word 'justice' than you will further erode your already miniscule credibility. Err America listeners: You can start the long recovery from your adiction by reading and/or listening to the speech - and speak highly of it!!!

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