Monday, May 23, 2005

The Conservative Saeculum - Avoiding Flameout

re(1): 'The Conservative Saeculum', Roger Bogh, BoghieOnYourSix
re(2): 'The Conservative Saeculum - Future Flameout', Roger Bogh, BoghieOnYourSix

Uuuuuummmmm, yeah :-(

I included the nomination of John Bolton in my list pointing toward a Conservative saeculum (a long life trend crossing generations). That turned out to be more problematic than expected - due to the admitted ignorance of Senator Voinavich.

I did not include floor votes on President Bush's nominees. Just look at this herd of cats:
  • McCain
  • Chaffee
  • Collins
  • Snowe
And some odd ones:
  • Warner
  • Graham
  • DeWine

I have no confidence that the top list of grandees will ever lean center right or vote with the Party on Party votes. To them, President Bush has a responsibility to meet individually, discuss all 220 nominations, and come to a consensus that satisfies 101 individuals – or at least themselves. The bottom list is just Senators being cranky. You can count on at least three wobblies on any vote.

As the centrist Chris Matthews opines: 'Again, the Maveric Wins...' (McCain)
As the centrist Chris Matthews opines: 'The Master of the Compromise...' (McCain)

John McCain predicts fewer filibusters. Gee, what a deal. And the institution of the Senate won. He unknowingly kills any future for Frist.

Yea, Susan Collins is very happy. She can get back to doing the business of the country. Like getting some milk subsidy through... Extrodinary Circumstances is a very high bar - yup, but they crossed it before. Anybody tell you that a path taken is a path known. Susan, did anyone inform you that the business of the country might, just might, be to figure out how to deal with judicial nominations? Did your short term 'solution' resolve the 20 year problem?

Lincoln, this is not yours fathers Senate. I hope you do not mind me donating to anyone who runs against you. I'll make a compromise: I will not send money to any terrorist on the watch list that may run against you. Anyone else gets my cash. I think the stress of high office is affecting the time spent with your family. You will thank me later.

Golly, I’m sure glad the seven illuminati listed above got together with Robert Byrd to get the business of the country going again. Couldn't wait...

By The Way Northeast. Bye Bye... We don't need your trash in the Senate or House.

UPDATE: Does anybody else feel like McCain just attempted a coup in the Senate? If the center holds than he is the power broker. There is no hammer in the Senate leadership.

UPDATE: If the center holds, we will replace conservative Supreme Court justices with milquetoast Supreme Court justices. Not a good thing. How silly will it look to create an unwritten aggreement to replace justices purely via ideology.

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