Sunday, May 08, 2005

President Bush's Yalta Statement (Part II)

re(1): 'Yalta', Wretchard, The Belmont Club

By the way, would Britain and the United States have been forced to ally with the Soviet Union if they had denied Nazi Germany, Tojo Japan, and Fascist Italy their opportunities in the mid 1930s?

If we (the democratic countries) had formed a coalition of the willing against the above while those miscreants were forming would there have been a WWII? Would there have been a WWIII (Cold War)?

Bush is reminding the democratic nations that there are consequences to being meek and weak. I don’t think he is taking a slam at FDR. FDR did what he could in a nation gripped in the clutches of isolationism and the creeping cloud of socialism. He is reminding us that marching around in burlap sacks and Birkenstocks is not a viable counter to aggression.

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