Sunday, May 08, 2005

President Bush's Yalta Statement

re(1): 'Yalta', Wretchard, The Belmont Club

The agreements made at, and the results of, the Yalta Conference were pre-ordained by the actions taken by the western powers in the five to ten years prior to World War II (and by that I mean 1939). The parents and great grand parents of the knuckle heads that are marching, whining, and interfering in our current conflict against expansionistic aggression were busy marching, whining, interfering, and electing opposition to leadership against the previous expansionistic totalitarian movements. These stupid children, parents, and grand parents praise the very efforts (appeasement in the face of aggression) that result in the world wide conflagration of total war.

Those who cannot see the factual evil in totalitarian Stalinism and Fascist Germany, Italy, and Japan still cannot see it in Hussein, Khomeini, Assad, Wahabi Islam, North Korea, and a revitalized totalitarian China and a re-Stalinizing Russia.

Do these idiots (useful or otherwise) always have to wait until their simplistic world view leads to the death of millions? Do we have to wait until nuclear winter is the only answer to world wide terror?

Maybe there is another country like Czechoslovakia that we can give up for a few more years of ‘peace’. I think we can still hold that conference in Munich. Springtime is beautiful there.

This is a slap at Russia, but it is also a punch at the Paleocons and Leftists in our fat, dumb, and happy western cultures. Their forebears elected the stalwarts of appeasement – Chamberlain, and the chumps who ran France in the years leading to WWII. Now they attempt to elect right wing isolationist (who view the GWOT purely on boarder management) and lefty peaceniks (who view the GWOT purely as American aggression) into our Congresses, Senates, and Executive Branches.

The leadership of Bush, Blair, Howard, Berlesconi, Anznar, and that of the just freed Warsaw Pact countries may preclude a near term catastrophic total war.

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