Friday, July 15, 2005

Plame, Plame, the Plame is here!!!

Is the source a:

High Level Administration source:
We should be looking for someone who left the Administration after the Novak article, and who was not expected to be the source, and who is keeping a low profile - neither pro nor anti Bush. Now, who left the administration quietly and seems to be keeping a low profile. Who seems to be the king in-fighter of the first Bush Administration. Who would the press care for in the first Bush Administration - yes the answer is: Colin Powell...

Another Journalist from the MediaDemocrat Party:
Oooooohhhhhh, Ahhhhhhh... How embarrassing for the MediaDemocrats... Could the unimpeachable source for Novaks column (and Cooper’s for that matter) be a highly rated journalist by the name of --- yes, Judith Miller…

Could our intrepid journalist have received bad intel from the in-fighter extraordinaire? Could she have passed this world shaking scoop on - as though from a super, double secret, Administration source? Just too good to fact check!!! And, then in an ‘Oh my God’ moment, did our professional journalist get cold feet regarding the veracity of the juicy information? Maybe the evil architect gave her some good info???

Miller is sitting in the slam for Powell and to avoid testifying that she, a journalist, was the deep throat for Novak and Cooper.

It would be very embarrassing for the MediaDemocrat Party to out the fact that their unimpeachable sources are themselves – the shills…

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