Friday, July 08, 2005

Liberal Canard #1: Bush’s Hooverville economy…

Re(1): ‘Job Market Update’, PoliPundit, Jayson

The economy is in ruins and things are getting worse:


The Budget Deficit is coming in $100 Billion under forecast
Tax Revenue is coming in 15% over expectations
Spending growth has been cut by half
and we have 5.0% Unemployment

Libs, I am starting to think I would like to have this yoke around my neck if I were to run for elective office. Look on the bright side - you actually convinced almost half of America that we were in the Great Depression. Your personality review seems to lead toward a career as a flaky used car salesman, a telephone solicitor, or a corrupt politician. Such opportunity.

Lefties, please do not read the smarmly link!!!

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