Sunday, July 10, 2005

Plame - Out the Source

Re(1): 'Thin Reed on Rove', CaptainsQuarters, Ed

I dissagree with Ed from CaptainsQuartersBlog regarding letting Miller out of the slam. Here is my post:

Plame worked full time in Washington D.C.

She was not a 007 in Iran.

I want the media to be shoved hard toward responsible journalism. The use of anonymous sources is reprehensible. I am tired of breathless leaks from slugs in parking garages. Back in the Watergate era, the use of anonymous sourcing was minimal and measured. Now, every article from the NYT contains sources from the deep. They are abusing a privilege the citizens of America awarded them – not one the Constitution provides them. They are abusing the privilege to abuse the Administration – not to out massive abuses of state power.

I want to KNOW what the media ACCEPT as expert sources…

The Watergate source was an EXPERT. He was a good source. Nowadays, too many ‘sources’ are simply made up. Too many sources are misquoted. Too many sources are not knowledgeable on the information in the context of what is going on. And, too many journalists are completely ignorant, and completely biased, and completely gotcha oriented, to permit me faith in their use of an ‘anonymous administration source’.

Journalist – get back to basics and give us a reason to trust you. I know it will be hard work (yuk, yuk) but you can do it. In the beginning people like Bill Gertz and Ronan Scarbourogh (spelling, uh) will be trusted. But then one of you will generate a long and successful resume and you will be included. Then you can use unnamed sources.

Miller – you are NOT one of the elite that we trust.

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