Thursday, July 14, 2005

Democrats Watch Out!!! Moonbats Jumping!!!

Memo to centrist Democrats. The moonbats running your political party have routinely been wrong, stupid, silly, and easily maneuvered by the Bush Administration. Guess what, moonbats are moonbats. Don’t listen to them.

The moonbats are ranting on the basis of leaked from the grand jury information

Karl Rove knows what he said to the reporters and the grand jury.

Karl Rove doesn’t appear overly worried.

The Media isn’t too convincing.

Moonbats, jump!!! The country will be better for it.

Center Left Democrats, understand that you are dealing with partial information. Let things iron out. The right will demand Rove’s resignation if he acted improperly. Don’t follow the moonbats off the cliff – you don’t have wings (and neither do they).

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