Monday, February 21, 2005

The Party of Black and White

Ref (a): Peretz, Martin. "Losing our Delusions", The New Republic, 2005/02/17

Embarrassing, but I watch the History Channel, C-Span, PBS, and Faux News rather than half-hour, laugh track, sitcoms. I can not tell you which vampire Buffy slayed (yuk, spelling please on that) today…

But I can tell you this: On my remote control travels through the dankest slums of thought (from PBS, with a good NOVA program to C-SPAN with the Perle/Dean ‘debate’) I passed an ITV presentation of ‘Famous American Political Speeches’.

One Note – and Don’t Laugh:

The Democratic Party is really the Party of Black and White (TV that is)…

Kennedy, Truman, FDR… All on Black and White TV

To the Liberals: Get some GOOD ideas presented on Color TV. That would be a good first step out of the wilderness.

Hint to Liberals: You might try NEW ideas

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