Thursday, September 07, 2006

2006/09/07 - An Unrecorded Milestone

Re(1): 'Better Late Than Never', RealVerse, Bethany
Re(2): 'The 2,996 Project', D.Challener Roe

HT: 'Bethanymania: RealVerse returns',, AllahPundit

IMPORTANT ADDENDUM 2006/09/07 1855

Bethany reminded me of of the 2,996 Project - a project to memorialize each and every one of the murder victims of the 9/11 terror attacks...

She reminded me of something I felt must be posted...

American (and Coallition) Fatalities in OIF:
American (and Coallition) Fatalities in OEF:

On 2006/09/07 Military Fatalities in Iraq and Afghanistan equaled the murder count of 9/11.

Within one week of the five year anniversary of the attack...

Question Libs: Do you want to fight them over there, or over here?

ADDENDUM 2006/09/07 1855

Good God, Bethany is stunning!

As a comparison, here is a 'stunning' Lefty:

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