Saturday, May 26, 2007

Sorry Libs, The Federal Deficit will not balloon this year :-&

The one grand hope you have regarding ‘Deficits as Far as the Eye Can See!!!’ is that the spineless Democrat acceptance of the $100 Billion in ‘off-budget’ Iraq Occupation supplemental will bust the budget. It will not. You will have to hope for more al-Qaeda murders (whoops, I forgot. The freedom fighting group that calls itself ‘Al-Qaeda In Iraq’ is not in Iraq) and Biblical natural disasters to blow the improving budget outlook.

Why? Three reasons:
  1. The Defense Department is currently spending as if the supplemental was passed
  2. And, even the DOD cannot spend that kind of money that quickly
  3. And, the stock market is boiling…

Thus, there will be no marked increase in monthly spending. The DOD will simply backfill other budget line items. And, folks are still making tons of taxable money in the stock market - even if the market crashes!!!.

I expect an FY2007 deficit (for you Lib ignits October 2006 to September 2007) to be about $70 Billion. That is, less than 0.6% of GDP. Yup, rounding error - or the equivalent of a six pack of cheap beer per month for Americans at the poverty level.

There is always hope. Maybe you all could create al-Qaeda influenced cells here in America and prove that playing offense in the Middle East is not making Americans safer here. What will you call your organization – ‘Ignit Lefty al-Qaeda Supplicants in America’. Has a nice ring to it!!!

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