Friday, January 01, 2010

Looking Forward to 2011 Already...

The evil BusHitler's great tax giveaway to the corpulant wealthy of Nazi America is about to sunset...

On this very day next year the pathetic slugs that stole so much over the past decade will be taxed at the same rates as they were during 'The One' administration prior to "The One's administration". Here is a comparison for folks filing as Married Filing Jointly:

I know this looks like everybody is getting jobbed, but that just ain't so. Those rich bastards (and their families) making a hundred G's will get whacked for $3,464 more per year. So what if you get knocked up for an additional $2,560 a year. You can handle it. It's just $215 less take home pay for the month. What is that - gas, electricity, food. Just cut the fat and enjoy the schadenfreude.

This example of justice is inflation adjusted (uses 2009 dollars), uses the 2009 tax schedule, and uses a 2000 inflation adjusted tax schedule to demonstrate this power to the people moment.

And, lookie here everybody.

That Moronic BushChimp sunsetted his tax giveaway just after folks vote in November 2010. Just after the vote. Nobody will be talking about it before it happens. And, nobody will be adjusting their taxable income either till after it hits em.

What a waste of air!!

What an idiot!!!


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