Monday, September 06, 2010

The Grandson of Porkulus

Re(1): 'Obama wants $50 billion to beef up infrastructure 'as soon as possible'', The Hill, Darren Goode and Bridget Johnson
Re(2): 'Obama to propose $50 billion in infrastructure spending for stimulus', Hot Air, Ed Morrissey

To allow we Americans to blissfully avoid the coming debt repayment crunch our glorious Baby Boomers have inflicted upon us, our Fearless Baby Boom Leader proposes another splurge of infrastructure spending.

He wants to borrow $50 Billion to cover additional shovel ready infrastructure projects.

Just 18 months ago he pushed through $787 Billion in borrowed Porkulus spending – which he promised toward infrastructure shovel ready projects.

After his Democratic Congress got through with it there was about $105 Billion committed to ‘infrastructure’. Actually, not even that:
The original Porkulus had $105 billion in so-called “infrastructure investments,” and none of it produced any economic growth. Transportation accounted for $48 billion; energy infrastructure and R&D got the same amount of money. Housing got $10 billion.”
So, the “Black Swan Event” President has just found another dump load of shovel ready Porkulus. A new and bold approach to solving our economic problems. Straight out of the 1930s. And, if I may comment, how many workers does an infrastructure project require. Answer: far fewer than required in the 1930s. What a goober.

My statement to the “Black Swan”:
I don't want this guy - or this Congress - touching another borrowed dollar.

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