Friday, May 04, 2012

President Obama's Reality Based Reality

The annual deficit seems to be accelerating.

 To be honest, there is a chance that the biggest revenue month of the year (April) will initiate a time of budget surpluses - but me not think so. My best guess is that this April will be worse than last April... Yowser, why don't we threaten personal and business income with more expenses and taxes!!! Yea, that's the ticket... 

Anyway, here is reality for the reality based community...

President Bush
President Obama
2001/02/01 - 2001/09/30$ -53,1292009/02/01 - 2009/09/30$ 1,019,780
2002/09/30$ 158,5202010/09/30$ 1,294,204
2003/09/30$ 374,2192011/09/30$ 1,298,614
2004/09/30$ 412,5532012/03/30$  778,988
2005/09/30$ 318,6152013/09/30
2006/09/30$ 247,6982014/09/30
2007/09/30$ 162,8332015/09/30
2008/09/30$ 454,8062016/09/30
2008/10/01 - 2009/02/01$ 395,9432016/10/01 - 2017/02/01
Totals:$ 2,472,058Totals:$ 4,391,586

While not funny, note that President Obama's six months of deficit for FY2012 is 188% of President Bush's worst twelve month deficit.

And, for you Libs, by the time you vote for President Obama he will have doubled the entire Bush deficit is a mere four years.  Keep up the good work.  Pretty soon nobody will loan you clowns cash - it will be then fun to watch what you cut!!!


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