Friday, June 15, 2012

Hello Again...

Time for the semi-scheduled comparison of massive deficit growth under the 'best' and 'runner up' Presidents in American history!!!

President BushPresident Obama
2001/02/01 - 2001/09/30$ -53,1292009/02/01 - 2009/09/30$ 1,019,780
2002/09/30$ 158,5202010/09/30$ 1,294,204
2003/09/30$ 374,2192011/09/30$ 1,298,614
2004/09/30$ 412,5532012/05/31$  844,494
2005/09/30$ 318,6152013/09/30
2006/09/30$ 247,6982014/09/30
2007/09/30$ 162,8332015/09/30
2008/09/30$ 454,8062016/09/30
2008/10/01 - 2009/02/01$ 395,9432016/10/01 - 2017/02/01
Totals:$ 2,472,058Totals:$ 4,457,092

Wow, folks, those are big numbers!!!

Again, for those on the Left, I DO NOT use budget numbers - which has been impossible over President Obama's Presidency because no budget has been passed.  I use actual spending numbers from the Monthly Treasury Statement.  Those numbers include the war costs for both Deficit Finalists!!!

Anyway, there recently has been some goober who claims that President Bush is responsible for the massive growth in government in FY2009.  This chap even includes stuff Bush refused to sign!!!  That is quite some scholarship there bubba.

But, lets be kinda dumb about it and figure that Bush would have funded all of Obama's initiative for FY2009.  Even given that, Obama still leads Bush by a little less than $1 Billion.  And, Obama has accomplished that feat in less than a single term.  Bush is a piker!!!

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