Sunday, December 10, 2006

The Long March of the Shitte Islamic Blitzkrieg!!!

Re(1): "The Spirit of '79", The Belmont Club, Wretchard T.C.
Re(2): "Declare War on Iran's Economy", Back Talk, Engram
Re(3): "Saddam Will Rise Again", The Belmont Club, Wretchard T.C.

The Long March of the Shitte Islamic Blitzkrieg, aka "The Spirit of '79"

To All (including Wretchard – how presumptuous):

We are witnessing events in a vacuum.
  1. We blame only our leadership. However, Chamberlain did not act alone. He acted on the will of his people – and that will had Churchill ranting and raving in some oak paneled government mental health facility. We Americans and the West were told this would be a long hard slog. We were told that we would not even know when the conflict was won – or conversely, lost. That implies that we do not currently know were we stand. We should, however, admit that as a civilization we are quite at fault for making a bit of a mess of the current situation. Most of us at this site know that the mess in the kitchen will get a bit worse if we let the cat crap on the dinner plates – but America has 40 – 50 million folks thinking the cat lady’s house is just fine!!! A bit of botulism will take care of that, eh!!!
  2. We are viewing the ‘onrush’ of Shiite Aggression as a momentous and monstrous ‘Force of Nature’ that can no longer be pushed against, can no longer be fought. There will be no adjustments as the Shiite Islamic Blitzkrieg marches through the capitals of the middle east and right into your living room. And, there are no problems on the other side of that wall of green and red that hamper their push to doom us. Iran, with its oil wealth and population, will squash us like a bug! We somehow forget that supporting client states and organizations is somewhat expensive in terms of resources, time, and energy.
What we are forgetting is that it is hard to compete against a crappy team. They cannot even get behind their coach – but, apparently we can’t either. They haven’t made a shot for ten minutes – but some of our players are hoopin’ it up for them because they don’t think there is a chance of the game getting even kinda close. Over there Murtha lobs a shot from half court into our defensive bucket while ranting ‘I want off this court, this game is boring’, over here Buchanan chucks a layup into our defensive hoop while demurring about the fallacies of using our military outside America’s borders, and finally some nutjob on the Islamic bench trips his teammate and rants that the ‘Old Coach is Back!!!’.

Yuk, this game is boring, it is long, and we don’t just lose and come back to play again in a month or so. Can I turn it off? Can I turn off a game my team is playing? Can I bitch about the players and coach? What about that game last month? Pre-Season sucked. I think we should restructure our game plan right now for a half-court possession offense and switch to a pressing defense!!! But, my friend wants us to play Laker-Ball!!!

Oh, well… Maybe the other team will lob some three’s and get that magical 5x10^6 and the 'Game will be on!' - again!!!'

Hope Not.

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