Saturday, February 17, 2007

Internal Intrigue/External Failure...

Re(1): 'The Truce is Over', The Belmont Club, Wretchard T.C.
Re(2): '"Supporting the Troops" Means... Supporting the Troops', My Sandmen, Major Mike

Internal intrigues are not the true equal to external dangers.

Intrigue simply paves the way for externally driven destruction. When internal conflict seems more at hand than the external enemy we focus on the internal. However, it is the outside threat that destroys a state, a culture, a civilization.

Ask these questions:

Why is the Hagia Sofia a mosque?
Do you respect the Greek Navy?
Why is Latin a dead language?

So, a vocal minority and the silly masses in America compete ever more belligerently in a forty year long culture war while various external threats smolder. Many discount – or prejudge as inconsequential and ineffective – the external threats we face to our state, our culture, and our civilization. But, the threat of rolling back ‘the Great Leap Forward’ brings out the battle standards.

So, think this through. Our culture can internally shift more traditional – but progressives can continue to agitate for goals in-line with that value structure. Our culture values that agitation. Our culture requires that agitation. However, enemies outside our cultural umbrella do not respect and do not value much of anything fought over in the Culture War. They want to see it end.

Why is an Illini not an Indian?
Where is the Christmas Pageant?
Is there anything worth fighting for?

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