Saturday, August 25, 2007

It Didn't Happen

Re(1): "It Didn't Happen", The OpinionJournal, James Taranto
Re(2): “History Proves Vietnam Victors Wrong”, Wall Street Journal, Senator James Webb
Re(3): “The Approach Of The Arab Pol Pot”,, Hugh Hewitt
Re(4): “Vietnam Analogies”,, Dean Barnett

Because of articles like these - and the long memories of an educated citizenry - I think it will be impossible to bail from a conflict without addressing the consequences.

It was possible in 1975:

  • To run and hide.
  • To cut and run and redeploy.
  • To have a compliant media ignore the facts.

There is simply too much information, too much history, and too many sources to ignore the circumstances of a run and hide strategy.

I am including Taranto's article on the 'My Favorite Posts' link list.

I would have included Webb's as well - but, me thinks politics may add, shall we say, nuance to his writings in the near future. I want to keep the 'My Flameouts' link list as clean as possible. What Webb writes in 2000 is now open to interpretation by Webb in 2007 and beyond!!!

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