Sunday, September 02, 2007

I flushed once…

Re(1): 'As 9/11 Draws Near, a Debate Rises: How Much Tribute Is Enough? ', NYT, N.R. Klienfiled

No, not a Larry Craig joke.

Instead, yet another miserable article by the NYT

The basic jist of Klienfield's article is: 9/11 – Get over it!!!

Some quotes:

Few Americans give much thought anymore on Dec. 7 that Pearl Harbor was attacked in 1941 (the date to live in infamy). Similar subdued attention is paid to other scarring tragedies: the Kennedy assassination (Nov. 22, 1963), Kent State (May 4, 1970), the Oklahoma City bombing (April 19, 1995).

Generations, of course, turn over. Few are alive anymore who can recall June 15, 1904, when 1,021 people died in the burning of the steamer General Slocum, the deadliest New York City disaster until Sept. 11, 2001. Also, the weight of new wrenching events crowds the national memory. Already since Sept. 11, there have been Katrina and Virginia Tech. And people have their own more circumscribed agonies.

What might happen on Sept. 11 a hundred years from now? “It’s conceivable that it could be virtually forgotten,” said Dr. Bodnar, the history professor. “Does anyone go out on the streets of New York and commemorate the firing on Fort Sumter?”

To answer Klienfield’s questions as well as that of the good doctor’s:

Klienfield, we Americans remember World War II. Have you visited the monument? Do you go shopping on Veterans Day? Memorial Day? You may not remember the start of World War II – but that only proves you are an ignorant lout. Personally, if you do not remember ‘the day that lives in infamy’ I can’t help you. Why are you qualified the write about epoch changing events?

Klienfield, I do not commemorate the Kennedy assassination, Kent State shooting, the Katrina hurricane, or the Oklahoma City bombing because those events did not upend America the way the Revolution, the Civil War, World War II, and 9/11 have. The Kennedy assassination is remembered – but what has it changed. The other events were tragic – but why are they on your list.

A natural disaster?

A steamship fire?

A mass killing?

Why not put Contra Gate on that list? Watergate? Did some Christianist Wing-Nut editor at the NYT scandalously excise those references from your screed? How about the 1977 San Diego State beating of Florida State? Are all tragedies equal. Can you define the Revolution, the Civil War, and World War II as tragedies and still tell the world that you are a man of letters? Spend a second and think of 9/11. Was it a 'tragedy'?

I live over three thousand miles away.

I will allow my memory of 9/11 to fade when I find myself living in an era of PAX Americana. I will remember ‘Victory over Barbarism Day’. If you ignorant troglodytes will allow a victory than that will be the day I celebrate. Is that a fair bargain? Let us shake on that.

To make my point a bit clearer. To cut though the fog of BDS infliction. If you cannot separate a steamship fire from the initiation of a hot war than I am sorry.

You and yours are turds still floating aimlessly in the bowl.

Looks like I have to flush that damn toilet again.

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