Monday, November 12, 2007

Arround and Around we go!!!

Are we heading backward towards 2001/09/10 - the last day of the roaring 90's...

Or forward towards 2001/09/12, the first day of the end of the Islamofascist movement...

The Hard Left has been smoking cancer sticks for so long I can't remember a moment when one wasn't poking from their ever scowling grill.

The Center Left moved away from them.

Recently, however, the media provided the means for the Hard Left contagion to stream into the center.

If we have the anti-bodies remaining to fight this internal struggle than the Left in America will be destroyed.

Is this a good thing?

Not always…

And, that comes from a conservative neocon.

But, it is a thing.

It is a fact.

Both Parties will have to rebuild. One from the ground up – cursing the idealists and power brokers who cannot see the good in our society, who cannot see the good in our efforts, who run the show completely and without remorse, The other from the center out – picking off those who have no backbone, no morals, no guiding stricture.

Back to the culture wars, eh…

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muymalgal said...

I felt compelled to respond to a comment you made on another site in reference discussing air america radio. You mentioned of your offering support of our veterans by "remembering them". The sad reality is that we have to "remember them", because so many are dead. I am sickened when i think of how many would still be alive, had so much of our tax dollars allocated to their "support" had not been stolen by the war criminals assigned to provide that "support". You also mentioned how the center is moving away from the left. I now must disagree. There is a difference in the way people are thinking. When Bush first took office, I was amazed at the following he had, or, appeared to have...because it seemed 9.5 out of 10, of all the comments, letters to editors, news reports, etc. were in his support. Then, as we're forced to watch, one after another,after another screw up or downright lie, for instance, *cheney saying he's not a part of the executive branch ??? *Valerie Plame, one of our own, being ousted by our own Vice President, and then watching our President reward those involved. ???
*watching as our military dropped crates with blankets,water,food rations,and (i am not making this up...) hershey bars, to the people of afganistan BEFORE we attacked their country after 911, now, ff to katrina. seeing photographs of our own citizens,and an awful lot of them veterans... that had the forethought to write their social security numbers on their arms with black sharpie markers, because they knew they were probably not going to make it, and wanted to make it easier for their families to have closure. ??? (makes me wonder how many could have avoided that act had the head of FEMA been someone with emergency management qualifications rather than just being a college chum of the president!)
And yes, i spent 3 weeks in italy this month, and came home to no air america. I was more than dissappointed. Because, this country was founded on the freedom to disagree and not be perseucuted for having another opinion. I must ask you, how can we claim to be so free when we don't allow our troops to get a variety of commentary from the people they are protecting? Living appx 10 miles from the base, i've known for years that air america was scrambled the moment you hit the oceanside area. Even more annoying was the escondido/san marcos area where some evangelicalamerifascist radio station broadcast, which sounds like the speakers were underwater, would creep into my evening drive home when randi was on. WHAT IS the difference of islamic groups "training (brainwashing)" "terrorist" with the constant bombardment of anti american psychobabble and the limited information we choose to allow our troops to become exposed to. And their supposed to be fighting for "freedom", please, that is about as convincing as "we need to keep the world safe from unstable governments getting the bomb" as we then watch as we are told that 6 missles with the explosive power of 60 hiroshimas sat unguarded on a tarmac for some 12 + hours and then flew over our country, our homes, our childrens schools, because donald rumsfeld didnt think it was necessary to keep the live missles separate from the in active ones. Allah help us!!! Jesus? Buddah? anyone?...No, i wasn't suprised at the amount of "kill bush" or "fascist bush" graffiti i saw while driving through out italy. The same way i wasn't suprised when i watched building seven fall even though it was never hit by a plane. (but it did house the s+e, which was a few days away from an investigation into the enron fiasco.)
so yea, rather than support someone who when he visits the sacred myan ruins, the priests have to come and re bless the land that has just been desicrated because this evil person just stepped foot on it, you know the guy, the one who's sidekick was so instrumental in getting his buds at halliburton get those no bid contracts, the ones that are buying a six pack of coke at a normal price and then shoving it up our troops asses for 60$ a pop. (They support our troops???) How bout the guy that makes the body armour that doesn't work that we keep re ordering from, you know who i mean, the guy that threw that 12 million dollar bat mitsva for his daughter, flew in aerosmith and don henley for the gig, (bet the girls were thrilled...).
I am supporting our troops when i say i will do anything in my power to get them the hell out of there and back here, besides this is were we need them, they took an oath to protect our constitution from enemies both FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC!!!! How many more mothers and fathers, spouses and children need to watch in horror as their loved ones are used and then thrown away like a disposable battery? The reality of what has happened to this country since bush with his felony cocaine arrest and laura with her drunk driving manslaughter experience, cheney with his 5, countem 5 deferrments, has just been heart wrenching. You were right when you said both parties will have to rebuild, but i have to wonder if there is anyhope for people with no conscience.
hmmm, kinda a strange irony though, had someone, anyone been willing to blow cheney or bush while in office, would we might have been much better off today.