Saturday, November 24, 2007

Adding and Subtracting...

Re(1): The Strata-Sphere, AJ Strata
Re(2): The Skeptical Optimist, Steve Conover

Well Adding

Not Subtracting
You absolutely have to add AJ Strata to any viable blogroll – he is a rocket scientist or something or whatever after all… And, he is a center right kindof guy. Well worth listening too.

And, for optimistic (and fair) economic analysis one can do no better than Steve at the Skeptical Optimist. He and Jayson (of pre-immigration debate self-immolation) were the still small voices of economic reason piercing the doom and gloom of Sauron’s Eonomy. Steve is an honest broker who keeps tabs on things even when the budget and economy aren’t leaning in the right direction – like now.

Out of the cacophony I am starting to hear that 'still small voice'...

The past six months or so have been in flux. No trends of note could be studied or reviewed or written on with confidence. Now, many long term trends are starting to build.

al-Qaeda is losing it's 'base'.
They put everything on the line in Iraq thinking that democracies are the weak horses. That hasn't worked out well for them. The libs were - and are - weak horses, but their weakness didn't completely infect our culture. Regardless, there still is a transnational conflict with militant Islam. Will we continue to press our hand without being able to focus on a singularity?
The American voter is seeking leadership.
The body politic is deeply split right now - but, there is starting to be movement toward the center. To me, the overarching quality the American voter is looking for is leadership. Is there any other reason for Giuliani leading in the Republican polls? For Romney? For Thompson? Then, again, there are the Democrats. Will they go the way of the dodo bird as a result of their ‘leadership’ in Congress? I would not want to be a Presidential candidate in a Democratic Party that is ineffectively ranting and raving to satisfy its financial and ideological base. Conversely, the Republican Party is recentering.
Iran is being dealt with as a valued member of the Axis of Evil.
And, all out war will not be necessary. Will the next president be able to deal with the chaos of an Iranian collapse? President Bush Sr. dealt with the fall of the Soviet Union. I have confidence in Giuliani, Romney, Thompson – but what about Clinton or Obama. See above.
The Federal tax revenue stream is no longer promising.
Is this because corporations and individuals like me are adjusting to the new reality of a Congressman Rangel defined tax code? Financial decisions have to be made now - before one is actually affected by the various proposals. Remember, the most recent tax increase was retroactive - as was the most recent tax cut. Do I really want to be in dividend producting securities if/when dividends become taxable as income? Do the oil companies want to show profit now that their investors no longer desire dividends?
It is now time to raise ones voice!!!


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