Sunday, December 16, 2007

4th Generation Musings...

Re(1): 'The Implosion Of The Leftward Fever Swamps, Dems Mob Out Of Control', The Strata-Sphere, AJ Strata

A Disconcerning Thought.

Are Lefty Boomers looking inward?

The time to watch is when the GenXers start acting on the influence of the Boomers.

Those latch-key kids who spent their childhood during an era of dissolving family and social structure tend to see things in a practical manner. They get things done – and in some cases break the eggs used in the omelets.

For example. Is it the Boomers wailing about the GWOT or the GenXers? Yup, the Boomers are awailing and the GenXers are adoing. Look at the difference between Petraeus and Wesley Clark in the way a military campaign is run. Petraeus knows casualties are coming but still fights to win. Clark accepted no pain and gave himself no chance to win. Look at the Boomers like Pelosi and Reid and Malloy (Air America) and Sheehan wailing that only oldsters and children are showing up at their rallies. The GenXers may not like the war – who does – but, they realize that unpleasant things must be completed and a war decisively won. The life of a GenXer revolves around making tough decisions and acting on them toward completion.

But, what happens internally. When Boomers influence pragmatic – and in some cases violent – GenXers. The clown (Leeland Eisenberg) with flares in his jacket at the Clinton campaign headquarters was a Boomer. Timothy Mcveigh was a GenXer. Boomer Leeland wanted to make a Kerryesque senatorial protest point, GenX Mcveigh decided he hated the government apparatus and moved to kill it. We have Boomers with dangerous ideas all over the spectrum. If/when they focus internally – and, I think the left is starting to – we are in for some rough times. Even if they want to fight it out with cultural wars rhetoric they will influence GenXers to fight it out on the streets. I think the Wingnuts can be controlled, but I can’t see anyone controlling the Moonbats.

We do live in interesting times.

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